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Leader: Ingrid Laubrock

Years Active: 2010-present



Live Performances:

Date Venue Media
Sep 27 Birdland Neuberg (Neuberg, Germany)  
Sep 26 Forderverein Jazz Darmstadt (Darmstadt, Germany)  
Sep 25 Jazzcase Dommelhof (Neerpelt, Belgium)  
Sep 24 Bimhuis (Amsterdam)  
Sep 23 De Singer (Rijkevorsel, Belgium)  
Sep 22 Café Wilhelmina (Eindhoven, Netherlands)  
Sep 21 Jazz in Leer (Leer, Germany)  
Sep 20 Jazz House (Copenhagen)  
Sep 19 Nefertiti (Goteborg, Sweden)  
Sep 18 Victoria, Nasjonal Jazzscene (Oslo)  
Sep 17 Fasching (Stockholm, Sweden)  
Sep 16 Stadtgarten (Koln, Germany)  
Aug 2 Cornelia Street Café  
Jun 26 The Stone  
Jul 18[1] Cornelia Street Café  
Mar 20 Penn Ar Jazz (Brest, France)  
Mar 19 Bunker Ulmenwall (Bielefield, Germany)  
Mar 18 Pawilon Nowa Gazownia (Warsaw)  
Mar 17 Stadtgarten (Cologne, Germany)  
Mar 16 Manufaktur (Schorndorf, Germany)  
Mar 15 Stockwerk (Graz, Austria)  
Mar 14 Jazzit (Salzburg, Austria)  
Mar 13 Tonne (Dresden, Germany)  
Mar 10 Artacts (St. Johann, Austria)  
Mar 9 Bimhuis (Amsterdam)  
Mar 8 Domicil (Dortmund, Germany)  
Mar 5 Cornelia Street Café  
Jun 21 The Jazz Gallery  
Jun 17 Roulette (Vision Festival)  
May 26 Moers Festival (Moers, Germany)  
Mar 19 La Dynamo (Pantin, France) video
Mar 12 Landesgalerie (Linz, Austria) video
Mar 9 Cornelia Street Café  
Dec 14 Barbes  
Aug 6 Jazz em Agosto (Lisbon, Portugal)  
Mar 10 Cornelia Street Café (self-titled record release)  
Jan 18[2] The Vortex (London)  
Sep 8 Barbes  
Jul 13 Korzo  
Apr 17 Cornelia Street Café  
Jan 13[3] Cornelia Street Café  


[1] Sean Conly replaced John Hebert on bass.

[2] Liam Noble replaced Kris Davis on piano.

[3] This group was known as the Ingrid Laubrock Quartet and had yet to add pianist Kris Davis, who joined the band first as a guest.

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