Dulberger, Shayna

(Wesley Mann)

(Wesley Mann)

Primary Scene: Brooklyn/New York

Shayna Dulberger has been active as an upright bassist on the New York scene since 2005. She previously attended the Manhattan School of Music Preparatory School of the Arts and later graduated from the Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University. She has led several bands, including her “Kill Me Trio” with Darius Jones (alto sax) and Jason Nazary (drums), and the more recent Shayna Dulberger Quartet with Yoni Kretzmer (tenor sax), Chris Welcome (guitar), and Carlo Costa (drums). She also plays in bands led by Jonathan Moritz, Chris Welcome, Bill Cole, Ras Moshe, and groups Apocalypso and HOT DATE. She has performed live in North America and Europe with many musicians including mentor William Parker. She has recorded 3 albums under her own name: “TheKillMeTrio” (2006), “The Basement Recordings” (2011) and “Ache and Flutter” (2013). 



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