Foster, Michael – Projects

Bio Discography Projects

Leader / Co-Leader

Astringent Duo: Michael Foster (reeds, objects, amplification), Ted Byrnes (percussion)

BDM: Michael Foster (reeds, objects), David Grollman (percussion), Ben Bennett (percussion)

Galm Quartet: Michael Foster (saxophones), Andreas Fulgosi (electric baritone guitar), Laurens van der Wee (no input mixer), George Hadow (drums)

The Ghost: Michael Foster (saxophones, electronics, amplifier), Zach Rowden (bass), Derek Baron (drums & amplified percussion)

Michael Foster-Anais Maviel Duo: Michael Foster (saxophone), Anais Maviel (voice, surdo, percussion)

MF|ME+PN: Michael Foster (reeds, objects, tapes],), Michael Evans (amplified and acoustic percussion), Pascal Niggenkemper (double bass and objects)

Michael Foster-Ben Bennett Duo: Michael Foster (saxophone, objects), Ben Bennett (drums, percussion, membranes)

Michael Foster-Leila Bordreuil Duo: Michael Foster (saxophones, amplification, objects), Leila Bordreuil (cello, amplification, objects)

Michael Foster-Tristan Shepherd Duo: Michael Foster (saxophone, amplification), Tristan Shepherd (turntables, electronics)

Michael Foster-Steve Swell-Kid Millions Trio: Michael Foster (saxophones), Steve Swell (trombone), Kid Millions (drums)

While We Still Have Bodies: Michael Foster (saxophones, objects, samples), Ben Gerstein (trombone, samples), Sean Ali (double bass, preparations), Flin van Hemmen (percussion)

Zombi Jazz: Michael Foster (reeds, samples, objects), Alex Hood (trumpet, objects, voice), Eric Silberberg (keyboard, bass, objects, samples), Dan Stern (drums)



Barker Duo/Trio/Quartet: Andrew Barker (drums), James Ilgenfritz (double bass), Tim Dahl (double bass), Michael Foster (saxophones)

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