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Valerie Kuehne by Kerwin Williamson

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Primary Scene: Pittsburgh

Valerie Kuehne is a cross-pollinated work of chaos. Fusing together music, performance art, curation, and self-experimentation, she has been told that, “if this music thing doesn’t work out, she’d probably make an awesome cult leader.” (Boston Public Space).

After moving to New York to study Philosophy at The New School, Ms. Kuehne has systematically split her time between touring the planet, performing in as many unexpected settings as possible, and building a community for experimental music and performance art in New York. Her series, The Super Coda, is an experimental cabaret that has united electrifying performers 7 years running.

Ms. Kuehne’s work operates under principles of surprise, and investigates obsession, comedy, decay, forensic pathology, sex, hypnogogia, viscera, spirituality & death.  She is one half of the duo Naked Roots Conducive, one third of the trio Prehistoric Horse, and a histrionic version of herself.  She has worked as a resident artist/curator at Panoply Performance Laboratory, Spectrum, JACK, Small Beast and Ange Noir.  Ms. Kuehne operates a blog of music reviews and performance philosophy (www.thesupercoda.com) and frequently releases albums that blur the line between comfort and discomfort (www.dreamzoo.bandcamp.com).  Ms Kuehne has performed and helped curate many festivals, including bipaf, the brooklyn experimental song carnival, the mpa-b, the hitparaden international festival for performance kunst, the experiMENTAL festival, Sonic Circuits, jazzPeru, and the Boise Creative & Experimental music festival, to name a few.  

Ms. Kuehne is also the creator/curator of Trauma Salon, a monthly gathering of performers/musicians/artists as a platform for artists to collectively and individually process trauma or, if necessary, create it.  She is an advocate for mental illness and addiction, incessantly seeking new ways to break down stigma and misconceptions about both.  


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