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Leader / Co-Leader

Cooper-Moore solo

Cooper-Moore / Assif Tsahar Duo: Cooper-Moore (banjo, voice , diddley-bow, mouth Bow), Assif Tsahar (tenor saxophone, bass Ccarinet, didgeridoo)

Digital Primitives: Cooper-Moore (diddley bow, mouth bow, banjo, voice), Assif Tsahar (tenor saxophone, bass clarinet, didgeridoo), Chad Taylor (drums, percussion)

Assif Tsahar / Cooper-Moore / Hamid Drake Trio: Assif Tsahar (tenor saxophone, bass clarinet), Cooper-Moore (ashimba, twanger, diddley-bow), Hamid Drake (drum set, tablas, frame drum)

Triptych Myth: Cooper-Moore (piano), Tom Abbs (bass), Chad Taylor (drums)


Gerald Cleaver’s Black Host: Gerald Cleaver (drums, sound design), Cooper-Moore (piano, synth), Brandon Seabrook (guitar), Darius Jones (alto saxophone) and Pascal Niggenkemper (bass)

Bill Cole’s The Untempered Ensemble

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