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Leader / Co-Leader

Obliggato: Tom Rainey (drums), Drew Gress (bass), Kris Davis (piano), Ingrid Laubrock (saxophone), Ralph Alessi (trumpet)

Paraphrase: Tim Berne (alto saxophone), Drew Gress (bass), Tom Rainey (drums)

Ingrid Laubrock-Tom Rainey Duo: Ingrid Laubrock (saxophones), Tom Rainey (drums)

David Binney-Tom Rainey Duo: David Binney (saxophone), Tom Rainey (drums)

Simon Nabatov-Tom Rainey Duo: Simon Nabatov (piano), Tom Rainey (drums)

Tom Rainey Trio: Tom Rainey (drums), Mary Halvorson (guitar), Ingrid Laubrock (tenor and soprano saxophones)

Michael Jaeger-Fabian Gisler-Tom Rainey Trio

Anthony Braxton-Tomas Fujiwara-Tom Rainey Trio: Anthony Braxton (sopranino, soprano, alto, baritone, bass, and contrabass saxophones), Tomas Fujiwara (drums), Tom Rainey (drums)

Simon Nabatov-Nils Wogram-Tom Rainey Trio: Simon Nabatov (piano), Nils Wogram (trombone), Tom Rainey (drums)

Louis Sclavis-Craig Taborn-Tom Rainey Trio: Louis Sclavis (clarinet, saxophone), Craig Taborn (piano), Tom Rainey (drums)

Julian Arguelles Trio: Julian Argüelles (tenor saxophone), Michael Formanek (bass), Tom Rainey (drums)

Nels Cline-Andrea Parkins-Tom Rainey Trio: Nels Cline (electric guitar), Andrea Parkins (accordion, piano, keyboards), Tom Rainey (drums)

Mark O’Leary-Cuong Vu-Tom Rainey Trio: Michael O’Leary (bow, electronics, loops), Cuong Vu (trumpet, electronics, loops), Tom Rainey (drums, percussion)

Tony Malaby-Angelica Sanchez-Tom Rainey Trio: Tony Malaby (saxophones), Angelica Sanchez (electric piano), Tom Rainey (drums)

Tim Berne-Craig Taborn-Tom Rainey Trio: Tim Berne (alto saxophone), Craig Taborn (keyboards, electronics), Tom Rainey (drums)

Richard Bonnet-Tony Malaby-Antonin Rayon-Tom Rainey Quartet: Richard Bonnet (guitar), Tony Malaby (saxophones), Antonin Rayon (organ), Tom Rainey (drums)

Ingrid Laubrock-Tom Rainey-Kris Davis-Ralph Alessi Quartet: Ingrid Laubrock (saxophone), Tom Rainey (drums), Kris Davis (piano), Ralph Alessi (trumpet)

Remi Charmasson-Drew Gress-Andre Jaume-Tom Rainey Quartet: Remi Charmasson (guitar), Drew Gress (double bass), Andre Jaume (clarinet, saxophone), Tom Rainey (drums)

Liam Noble-Phil Robson-Drew Gress-Tom Rainey Quartet: Liam Noble (piano), Phil Robson (guitar), Drew Gress (bass), Tom Rainey (drums)

Mark Feldman-Lindsey Horner-Neal Kirkwood-Tom Rainey Quartet:  Mark Feldman (violin), Lindsey Horner (bass), Neal Kirkwood (piano), Tom Rainey (drums)


Ingrid Laubrock’s Anti-House: Ingrid Laubrock (saxophone), Mary Halvorson (guitar), Kris Davis (piano), John Herbert (bass), Tom Rainey (drums)

Ingrid Laubrock’s Ubatuba: Ingrid Laubrock (alto and tenor saxophone), Tim Berne (alto saxophone). Tom Rainey (drums), Ben Gerstein (trombone), Dan Peck (tuba)

Ingrid Laubrock Octet: Ingrid Laubrock (saxophone), Ted Rechman (accordion), Drew Gress (bass), Ben Davis (cello), Tom Rainey (drums, xylophone), Mary Halvorson (guitar), Liam Noble (piano), Tom Arthurs (trumpet)

Ingrid Laubrock’s Sleepthief:  Ingrid Laubrock (saxophone), Tom Rainey (drums), Liam Noble (piano)

Kris Davis Trio: Kris Davis (piano), Tom Rainey (drums), John Herbert (double bass)

Kris Davis’ Capricorn Climber: Kris Davis (piano), Trevor Dunn (double bass), Tom Rainey (drums, glockenspiel), Ingrid Laubrock (saxophone), Mat Maneri (viola)

Jesse Stacken’s Helleborus: Jesse Stacken (piano), Sean Conly (bass), Tom Rainey (drums), Tony Malaby (saxophone)

Mark Dresser’s Nourishments: Mark Dresser (double bass), Rudresh Mahanthappa (alsto saxophone), Machael Sarin / Tom Rainey (drums), Denman Maroney (piano), Michael Dessen (trombone)

Drew Gress’ The Sky Inside: Drew Gress (bass, electronics), Tim Berne (alto saxophone), Tom Rainey (drums), Craig Taborn (piano), Ralph Alessi (trumpet)

Drew Gress’ The Irrational Numbers: Drew Gress (bass, electronics), Tim Berne (alto saxophone), Tom Rainey (drums), Craig Taborn (piano), Ralph Alessi (trumpet)

Drew Gress / 7 Black Butterflies’ 7 Black Butterflies 

Drew Gress’ Spin and Drift: Drew Gress (bass, pedal steel guitar), Tim Berne (alto and baritone saxophone), Tom Rainey (drums), Uri Caine (piano)

George Gruntz, NDR Bigband’s (With Special Guest : Tom Rainey)  Dig My Trane

Michael Attias’ Spun Tree: Michael Attias (alto saxophone), Sean Conly (double bass), Tom Rainey (drums), Matt Mitchell (piano), Ralph Alessi (trumpet)

Mary Coughlan’s The Whole Affair: The Very Best Of Mary Coughlan 

John Irabagon’s Outright! Un Hinged

Angelica Sanchez Quintet: Angelica Sanchez (piano), Drew Gress (bass), Tom Rainey (drums), Marc Ducret (guitar), Tony Malaby ( saxophone)

Angelica Sanchez Mirror Me: AngelicaSanchez (piano), Michael Formanek (bass), Tom Rainey (drums), Tony Malaby (tenor saxophone)

Michael Bates’ Acrobat: music for, and by, Dmitri Shostakovich

Tony Malaby’s Apparitions: Tony Malaby (tenor saxophone), Drew Gress (double bass), Tom Rainey (drums), John Hollenbeck (percussion)

Tony Malaby’s Sabino: Tony Malaby (tenor saxophone), Michael Formanek (bass), Tom Rainey (drums), March Ducret (guitar)

Simon Nabatov’s Roundup: Simon Nabatov (piano), Ernst Reijseger (cello), Tom Rainey (drums), Matthias Schubert (tenor saxophone), Nils Wogram (trombone)

Simon Nabatov Trio – Three Stories, One End: Simon Nabatov (piano), Tom Rainey (drums), Drew Gress (bass)

Simon Nabatov Trio – Sneak Preview: Simon Nabatov (piano), Tom Rainey (drums), Mark Helias (double bass)

Simon Nabatov Trio – Tough Customer: Simon Nabatov (piano, Tom Rainey (drums), Mark Helias (double bass)

Simon Nabatov – The Master and Margarita: Simon Nabatov (piano), Mark Helias (bass), Tom Rainey (drums), Herb Robertson (trumpet), Mark Feldman (violin)

Brad Shepik’s Human Activity Suite: Brad Shepik (acoustic guitar, electric guitar, tambura), Drew Gress (bass), Tom Rainey (drums), Gary Versace (piano, organ, accordion), Ralph Alessi (trumpet)

Brad Shepik Trio: Brad Shepik (guitar), Tom Rainey (drums), Scott Colley (bass)

Herb Robertson NY Downtown Allstars: Herb Robertson (trumpet), Tim Berne (alto saxophone), Mark Dresser (double bass), Tom Rainey (drums), Sylvie Courvoisier (piano)

Brian Allen With Tony Malaby And Tom Rainey – Synapse: Brian Allen (trombone), Tony Malaby (tenor saxophone), Tom Rainey (drums)

Mark Helias Open Loose Trio: Mark Helias (bass), Tom Rainey (drums), Tony Malaby (saxophone)

Mark Helias’ Fictionary: Mark Helias (bass), Tom Rainey / Mike Sarin (drums), Ellery Eskelin (tenor saxophone), Mark Feldman (violin)

Mark Helias’ Loopin’ The Cool: Mark Helias (bass), Regina Carter (violin), Ellery Eskelin (tenor saxophone, Tom Rainey (drums, percussion)

Mark Helias’ Attack the Future: Mark Helias (bass), Michael Moore (bass clarinet, alto saxophone), Herb Robertson (cornet, trumpet, flugelhorn), Tom Rainey (drums, percussion), David Lopato (piano)

Julian Arguelles’ Partita: Julian Arguelles (tenor and soprano saxophone, bass clarinet, flute), Michael Formanek (bass), Tom Rainey (drums), 

Fred Hersch (With Drew Gress, Tom Rainey, Rich Perry, Dave Douglas) Point In Time: Fred Hersch (piano), Drew Gress (bass), Tom Rainey (drums), Rich Perry (tenor saxophone), Dave Douglas (trumpet)

Fred Hersch  Personal Favorites: Fred Hersch (piano), Scott Colley / Drew Gress (bass), Erik Friedlander (cello), Rich Perry (tenor saxophone), Tom Rainey (drums)

Fred Hersch  Songs Without Words: Fred Hersch (piano), Ralph Alessi (flugelhorn, trumpet), Reid Anderson (bass), Tom Rainey / Nasheet Waits (drums), Jamey Haddad (percussion), Rich Perry (tenor saxophone), Drew Gress as guest

Fred Hersch  Passion Flower

Fred Hersch Trio: Fred Hersch (piano), Tom Rainey (drums), Drew Gress (bass)

Mark Feldman’s What Exit?: Mark Feldman (violin), Anders Jormin (double bass), Tom Rainey (drums), John Taylor (piano)

Bic Runga’s Birds

Tim Berne’s Hard Cell: Tim Berne (alto saxophone, Tom Rainey ( drums), Craig Taborn (piano)

Tim Berne’s Science Fiction: Tim Berne (alto saxophone, Tom Rainey (drums), Marc Ducret (electric guitar), Craig Taborn (electric piano, computer, organ-virtual)

Tim Berne’s Bloodcount – Saturation Point

Mat Maneri’s Pentagon: Mat Maneri (acoustic and electric violin, viola), John Herbert (bass), John McLellan / Tom Rainey (drums), Craig Taborn (electric piano, cmputer), Joe Maneri (organ, piano, alto saxophone, voice), Ben Gerstein (trombone), Sonja Maneri (voice)

Samo Salamon Quartet: Samo Salamon (guitar), Mark Helias (bass), Tom Rainey (drums), Tony Malaby (tenor saxophone)

John Abercrombie’s Class Trip

John Abercrombie’s Rarum, Vol. 14: Selected Recordings

John Abercrombie ‘s Cat ‘n’ Mouse

John Abercrombie ‘s Open Land

Gebhard Ullman’s The Big Band Project

Big Satan: Tim Berne (alto saxophone), Tom Rainey (drums), Marc Ducret (guitar)

Mark Nodwell’s NemesisMak Nodwell (composer, producer), Drew Gress (bass), Tom Rainey (drums), Khabu Doug Young (electric guitar), Art Lande (piano), Ron Miles (trumpet)

Johnny B. and the Freedom Kids’ He Created Me

Dave Ballou Quintet: (trumpet), Tom Rainey (drums), Billy Drewes (alto and soprano saxophone), Michael Formanek (bass), Tony Malaby (tenor saxophone)

Oscar Noriega’s Luciano’s Dream: Oscar Noriega (alto saxophone, bass clarinet), Tom Rainey (drums), Brad Shepik (guitar), Coung Vu (trumpet)

Andy Laster’s Hydra: Andy Laster (alto saxophone), Drew Gress (double bass), Tom Rainey (drums), Herb Robertson (trumpet, cornet)

Carla White’s The Sweetest Sounds

Dawn Upshaw’s Sings Vernon Duke

Tom Varner’s SwimmingTom Varner (french horn), Steve Wilson (alto saxophone), Cameron Brown (bass), Tom Rainey (drums), Pete McCann (guitar), Tony Malaby (tenor saxophone), Dave Ballou (trumpet), Mark Feldman (violin)

Tom Varner’s Martian Heartache: Tom Varner (french horn), Ed Jackson (alto saxophone), Drew Gress (bass), Tom Rainey (drums), Pete McCann (guitar), Ellery Eskelin (tenor saxophone)

Tom Varner’s The Mystery of CompassionTom Varner (french horn), Ed Jackson / Matt Darriau (alto saxophone), Jim Hartog (baritone saxophone), Mike Richmond (bass), Tom Rainey (drums), Ellery Eskelin / Rich Rothenberg (tenor saxophone), Dave Taylor / Steve Swell (trombone) Mark Feldman (violin)

Neal Kirkwood’s Chromatic Persuaders: Neal Kirkwood (piano), Lindsey Horner (bass), Tom Rainey (drums), Mark Feldman (violin)

Jane Ira Bloom’s Modern DramaJane Ira Bloom (electronics, alto and soprano saxophone), Isidro Bobadillo (percussion), David Friedman (marimba, percussion, vibraphone, vocals), Ratzo Harris (bass), Fred Hersch (organ, piano), Tom Rainey (drums), Any Seligson (tuba)

Jane Ira Bloom’s Slalom: Jane Ira Bloom (soprano saxophone, electronics), Kent McLagan (double bass, electric bass), Tom Rainey (drums, percussion), Fred Hersch (piano)

New and Used – Consensus 

Jazzmania All-Stars’ Jazz Dancer & the Bass Player

Kenny Werner Trio: Kenny Werner (piano), Tom Rainey (drums), Ratzo Harris (bass)

Rich Perry Quartet: Rich Perry Rich Perry (tenor saxophone), Jay Anderson (bass), Tom Rainey (drums), Fred Hersch (piano)

Paul Sundfor’s NascencyPaul Sundfor (alto and soprano saxophone), Drew Gress (bass), Tom Rainey (drums), Fred Hersch (piano), John Swana (trumpet, flugelhorn)

Dick Sisto’s American Love Song: Dick Sisto (vibraphone), Tom Rainey (drums), Fred Hersch (piano), Drew Gress (bass)

Ray Anderson’s Big Band Record

Matthias Schubert Quartet: Matthias Schubert (tenor saxophone), Lindsey Horner (bass), Tom Rainey (drums), Simon Nabatov (piano)

The October Revolution: various artists

Klaus Konig Orchestra / Montreal Jubilation Gospel Choir’s The Songs of Songs

Klaus Konic Orchestra’s At The End of the Universe

Janice Friedman’s Finger Paintings

Roseanna Vitro’s Softly

Roseanna Vitro’s Reaching for the Moon

Peter Herborn’s Traces of Trane: Peter Herborn, Mark Helias (bass), Tom Rainey (drums), Marc Ducret (guitar), WDR Big Band (orchestra), Frank Chastenier (piano), Heiner Wiberny / Ollivier Peters / Paul Peucker / Rolf Romer / Stephan Pfeifer (reeds), Gary Thomas (tenor saxophone), Bernd Laukamp / Dave Horler / Edward Partyka / Ludwig Nub / Robin Eubanks (trombone), Andy Haderer / John Marshall / Klaus Osterioh / Rick Kiefer / Rob Bruynen (trumpet, flugelhorn)

Gary Burton Quartet / Eberhard Weber’s Passengers

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