Ughi, Federico

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(Photo by Peter Gannushkin /

(Photo by Peter Gannushkin /

Primary Scene: Brooklyn/New York

Federico Ughi is a drummer and composer based in New York. Federico Ughi’s music infuses the New York avant-garde sound with a sense of melody inspired by the Italian classical and folk traditions of his childhood in Rome. Ornette Coleman has been a major influence for Federico as well as a mentor. 

Born in Rome, Italy Federico relocated to London at age 21 to play music, from there moving to New York in 2000 again to play music. He has been based in Brooklyn, NY ever since. 

He has performed or recorded with Daniel Carter, William Parker, The Cinematic Orchestra, Blue Foundation among others. Federico Ughi has performed throughout Italy, the UK, Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Slovenia, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Lithuania, China, Mexico, Canada and the US.

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