Warren, Kenny


Primary Scene: Brooklyn/New York

Denver-born trumpeter Kenny Warren has been active in New York’s improvised music scene since 2006. He has released two LPs with his songwriting outfit Laila and Smitty which Bird is the Worm calls “massively genuine and unabashedly heart-on-the-sleeve open and honest”He also leads a Quartet who will be featured in this year’s Festival of New Trumpet Music and whose debut album will be released in 2017.

Kenny has toured internationally and studied in the Balkans with Slavic Soul Party and recorded with the Maqam-Jazz band Nashaz. He is a frequent collaborator and sideman in a number of New York music circles. Recent projects include: Ben Stapp’s Zozimos, Andy Biskin’s 16 tons, The Rob Brown Quartet, The Sadra Weiss Quintet, ZhirtZ n ZkinZ, NOOK, The Myk Freedmans, Trumpets and Basses, Big Butter and the Eggmen, Antlers and Capillaries and duos with Jeremiah Lockwood, Bobby Avey and Tony Malaby.

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