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Leader: Matthew Welch

Years Active: 2005-2010

Personnel: (two versions of the band exist)


  • Matthew Welch (bagpipes, voice, soprano saxophone)
  • Leah Paul (piccolo, flute, alto flute)
  • Karen Waltuch (viola)
  • Mary Halvorson (electric guitar)
  • Ian Riggs (bass guitar)
  • Tim Dahl (bass guitar)
  • Ches Smith (drums, glockenspiel)


  • Matthew Welch (voice)
  • Leah Paul (flute, piccolo)
  • Karen Waltuch (viola)
  • Emily Manzo (piano)
  • Matthew Hough (electric guitar)
  • Ian Riggs (bass guitar)
  • Mike Pride (drums, vibraphone)


Live Performances:

Date Venue Media
Dec 8 Zebulon  
May 19[1] The Stone  
Feb 23 The Stone  
Dec 20 Zebulon  
Sep 18[2] The Kitchen  
Sep 17 The Kitchen  
Mar 28 The Stone  
May 17[3] Can Factory  
Nov 29 The Stone  
Dec 5[4] Tonic  
Apr 17[5] CB’s Lounge  


[1] On this date and the one prior, the band included Matthew Welch, Leah Paul, Max Mandel, Mary Halvorson, Ian Riggs, and Tomas Fujiwara.

[2] On this date and the one prior, the lineup matched that of May 19, 2010.

[3] The band included Leah Paul, Karen Waltuch, Mary Halvorson, Ian Riggs, and Brian Chase.

[4] The band included Leah Paul, Mary Halvorson, Karen Waltuch, Shanir Blumenkranz, and Mike Pride.

[5] The band included Jackson Moore, Karen Waltuch, Ed Kasparek, and Mike Pride.

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