Ingrid Laubrock’s Sleepthief at Korzo (6/18/13)

There is something sudden and immediate about Ingrid Laubrock‘s music. Her percussive style of playing tenor sax, her quick attacks, and her keen awareness of where her sound is in relation to her band mates together manifest an in-the-moment feel. It is a rare treat to hear Laubrock’s trio, Sleepthief, with drummer Tom Rainey and London-based pianist Liam

Denver General at Muchmore’s in Williamsburg (6/10/13)

A relatively new club–Muchmore’s has ample space with walls lined with couches, the staff is friendly, and the noir murals lining the interior set the mood as a great place to listen to forward-looking jazz and improvised music. Last night’s show featured Kirk Knuffke‘s Denver General with the leader-cornetist backed up by guitarist Jonathan Goldberger and drummer Jeff

Nate Wooley’s Seven Storey Mountain at Issue Project Room

Nate Wooley is a visionary. At age 38, he has already developed an entire vocabulary all his own–a difficult thing on any instrument, even more so on one so well-explored as the trumpet. With eyes closed and without a mouthpiece, he led his band Seven Storey Mountain before an electrified crowd at Issue Project Room

Mike Pride’s From Bacteria to Boys at Greenwich House Music School

The late trumpeter Bill Dixon was famous for his use of space and silence in his music as his “second instrument.” Percussionist Mike Pride‘s compositions and performance last night at Greenwich House with his band From Bacteria to Boys displayed a very different approach to the use of silence to great effect. Pride’s music is both intricate and

Intriguing Duos at Douglass Street Music Collective

Musician-run spaces are the places to go if one wants to see the genesis of music and ideas in action and in this regard, Douglass Street Music Collective has been the leader of the pack. This past Thursday, May 16, the venue witnessed three interesting pairings: pianist Kris Davis and percussionist Andrew Drury, tenor saxophonist Ingrid

Josh Sinton’s Ideal Bread Boldly Reinterprets Lacy at La Sala in Williamsburg

Reedist Josh Sinton led a profound performance of his band Ideal Bread at La Sala last Thursday night with band mates Tomas Fujiwara (drums) and Adam Hopkins (bass). The band was originally formed to play and reinterpret songs by the late soprano saxophonist Steve Lacy (with whom Sinton studied), and Sinton continues to dig for

Tomas Fujiwara Debuts Red Carpet Trio at Ibeam

Musician-run spaces such as Ibeam continue to serve as exciting spaces for innovation and collaborative genesis between Brooklyn’s most-cutting-edge musicians. Last night, drummer Tomas Fujiwara unveiled a new trio at Ibeam that included bassist Matt Pavolka and alto saxophonist Loren Stillman. Showing little hint of being unfamiliar with one another, the band members played one continuous 45-minute set