Ches Smith and These Arches

Leader: Ches Smith

Years Active: 2006-present


  • Ches Smith: drums, compositions
  • Tim Berne: alto sax (joined in 2012)
  • Tony Malaby: tenor sax
  • Mary Halvorson: guitar
  • Andrea Parkins: piano


Live Performances:

Date Venue Media
Oct 1 The Stone  
May 4 JACK  
Apr 30 Bimhuis (Amsterdam)  
Apr 29 Unterfahrt Jazz Club (Munich)  
Apr 28 RTSI (Lugano, Switzerland)  
Apr 27 Auditorium al Duomo (Firenze, Italy)  
Apr 26 Trafo (Budapest)  
Apr 25 Oratorio Santa Cecilia (Perugia, Italy)  
Apr 24 Auditorium Candiani (Mestre, Italy)  
Apr 23 Spielboden (Dornbirn, Austria)  
Apr 22 Unicafe Wall (Graz, Austria)  
Jun 14 Firehouse 12 (New Haven, CT)  
Apr 24 Rote Fabrik (Zurich)  
Apr 23 Grand Theatre (Groningen, Netherlands)  
Apr 22 Cine Teatro Odeon (Catania, Italy)  
Apr 21 Cantina Cenci (Tarzo, Italy)  
Apr 20 Birdland (Neuberg, Germany)  
Apr 19 Bimhuis (Amsterdam)  
Apr 18 Centro d’Arte (Padova, Italy)  
Apr 17 Pannonica (Nantes, France)  
Apr 16 Cankjarev Dom (Ljubljana, Slovenia)  
Apr 15 Banlieues Bleues Festival (Paris)  
Apr 14 Porgy & Bess (Vienna)  
Apr 13 Jazz Atelier (Ulrichsberg, Austria)  
Apr 12 Jazzhouse (Copenhagen)  video
Apr 11 Sun Ship (Aarhus, Denmark)  video
Mar 2 Windup Space (Baltimore)  video
Mar 1 The Rotunda (Philadelphia)  video
Feb 26[1] Shapeshifter Lab  
Nov 22 Shapeshifter Lab  
Aug 26 Saalfelden Jazz Festival (Saalfelden, Austria)
Aug 23 Willisau Jazz Festival (Willisau, Switzerland)  
Aug 15 Barbes  video
Jul 13 Warsaw Jazz Festival (Warsaw)  
Dec 8[2] The Stone  
Oct 27 Teatro Vascello (Rome)  
Oct 26 Café Stockwerk (Graz, Austria)  
Oct 25 Panic Jazz Club (Marostica, Italy)  
Oct 24 Alte Feuerwache (Mannheim, Germany)  
Oct 23 Jazzkeller Sauschdall (Ulm, Germany)  
Oct 21 Bimhuis (Amsterdam)  
Oct 20 Seixal Jazz (Seixal, Portugal)  
Oct 19 Seixal Jazz (Seixal, Portugal)  
Aug 30 The Stone  
Aug 1 University of the Streets  
Jul 8 Invisible Dog Art Center  
Apr 26 Korzo  
Mar 9 Roulette  
Feb 25 Cornelia Street Café  
Nov 21 University of the Streets  
Aug 16 Local 269  
Dec 1 Korzo  
Sep 23 Barbes  
Apr 24 The Stone video
Feb 7 Tea Lounge  
Aug 5[3] Jimmy’s Restaurant  
Nov 29 Barbes  
Jul 13[4] The Stone  


[1] Record release show: Hammered. The ensuing U.S. tour and the European tour that followed constituted two release tours.

[2] On this date and prior, the band was a quartet without Tim Berne.

[3] Nate Wooley replaced Tony Malaby.

[4] In this early iteration of the band, Devin Hoff played bass instead of Andrea Parkins on piano.

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