Golden State

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Leader: Harris Eisenstadt

Years Active: 2012-present


  • Harris Eisenstadt: drums, compositions
  • Chris Speed: tenor saxophone, clarinet (replaced Nicole Mitchell, Oct 2014)
  • Sara Schoenbeck: bassoon
  • Pascal Niggenkemper: bass (replaced Mark Dresser, Oct 2014)


Live Performances:

Date Venue Media
Nov 7 Music Unlimited Festival (Wels, Austria)  
Nov 6 Kunstraum Walcheturm (Zurich)  
Oct 24 Ibeam  
Jun 28[1] Vancouver Jazz Festival (Vancouver)  
Jun 23 Edmonton Jazz Festival (Edmonton, AL, Canada)  
Jun 22 Rochester Jazz Festival (Rochester, NY)  
Jun 21 Ottawa Jazz Festival (Ottawa)  
Jun 20 Suoni Per Il Popolo Festival (Montreal)  
Jun 19 Something Else! Festival (Hamilton, ON, Canada)  
Sep 13 Institute for the Musical Arts (Northampton, MA)  
Sep 12 Greenwich House Music School  
Nov 16 University of California-Irvine (Irvine, CA)  
Nov 15 Blue Whale (Irvine, CA)  

[1] For the performances June 19-28, 2014, Michael Moore replaced Nicole Mitchell.

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