Ingrid Laubrock – Mary Halvorson Duo Displays Telepathic Connection

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The small crowd gathered at Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center last night found that their efforts in braving the cold and the wind were not without reward. Ingrid Laubrock, the Brooklyn-transplanted German tenor saxophonist, and Mary Halvorson, a guitarist originally from Boston, continued to extend their joint musical vocabulary. Both rising stars on New York’s creative music scene, they proved that they possess a rare telepathic connection that bridges their varied talents. Halvorson constructed a base from which both musicians surged and leapt, while seemingly weaving back-flips of sound that allowed for intricate interplay between them. In turn, they found moments to move away and give each other space, but returned to fierce interaction that was so well stitched together that it might have seemed composed, if not for the constant unpredictability in its direction and focus.

The two have played previously in numerous situations, most notably the saxophonist’s quintet “Anti-House” with pianist Kris Davis, bassist John Hebert, and drummer Tom Rainey. That band has released two albums, the first a self-titled date (2010) and the more recent Strong Place (2012). Laubrock is also a recent addition to Halvorson’s expanded quintet which is now a septet.

Cisco BradleyIngrid Laubrock – Mary Halvorson Duo Displays Telepathic Connection

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