Mara Rosenbloom Quartet

Leader: Mara Rosenbloom

Years Active: 2008-present



Live Performances:

Date Venue Media
May 3 Beverly Series  
Feb 28 I-Beam  
Feb 27 I-Beam  
Jan 17 Korzo (Konceptions Series)  
Dec 10 Smalls  
Nov 19[1] An Die Musik  
Oct 19 Barbes (Palimpsestic Series[2])  
Oct 9 The Stone  
Aug 15 Bar 4 (Fourplay music series)  
Jul 21 Café Orwell (Super Coda Music Series)  
Mar 29 Café Orwell  
Mar 15 The Camel (Richmond, VA)  
Mar 14 BoBo Gallery (Asheville, NC)  
Mar 13 The Liberty Theatre & Cultural Center (Columbus Jazz Society, Columbus, OH)  
Mar 12 The French Quartet (Nashville, TN) Canceled
Mar 11 Barking Legs Theater (Chattanooga, TN)  
Mar 10 The Redmoor (Cincinnati, OH)  
Mar 9 Mexicains sans Frontieres (Grand Rapids, MI)  
Mar 8 Tonic Tavern (Milwaukee, WI)  
Mar 7 Wingra School (Madison, WI)  
Mar 6 The Brink Lounge (Madison, WI)  
Mar 5 Degage Jazz Club (Maumee, OH)  
Mar 4 Degage Jazz Club (Maumee, OH)  
Mar 3 Shaw Gothic Cloister, Dayton Art Institute (Vectren Just Jazz Series, Dayton, OH)  
Mar 2 The Lemon Grove (Youngstown, OH)  
Mar 2 Youngstown State University, Dana School of Music (Youngstown, OH)  
Feb 22 Korzo (Konceptions Series)  
Dec 16[3] Café Orwell (Super Coda Music Festival)  
Dec 10[4] The Path Café  
Nov 19[5] The Path Café  
Oct 9 The Path Café video
Sep 7[6] Korzo (Konceptions Series)  
Jul 15[7] Tutuma Social Club  
Jun 8 Korzo  
Apr 20 Tutuma Social Club Video
Apr 18 Bungalow Jazz (Columbus, OH) video
Apr 17 Asparagus (Millerville, IN)  
Apr 16 Restaurant Magnus (Madison, WI)  
Apr 15 Mexicains Sans Frontieres (Grand Rapids, MI) video
Apr 14 Shadow Lounge (Pittsburgh)  
Mar 26 Café Orwell (Friday Night Super Coda #1)  
Mar 21 Rose Live Music  
Mar 5 Zebulon  
Dec 16 Tutuma Social Club video
Nov 24 Korzo (James Carney Konceptions Series)  
Nov 2 Bar 4  
Sep 23[8] Roulette (record release: School of Fish)  
Jul 20 Bar 4  
Jul 10 Bb Universe (Brownstone Music Series)  
May 31 Rose Live Music  
Jun 20[9] Cachaca  


[1] Jeremy Udden replaced Darius Jones on alto saxophone.

[2] Curated by Oscar Noriega.

[3] From this date onwards, Sean Conly was the regular bassist for the band.

[4] This was Maeve Royce’s last performance with the band.

[5] On this date and the one prior, Sean Conly played bass.

[6] On this date, Linda Oh replaced Maeve Royce on bass.

[7] On this date and prior, Maeve Royce played bass for the band.

[8] The bill lists Mara Rosenbloom, Darius Jones, Nick Anderson, and guest.

[9] Personnel unknown.

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