Mara Rosenbloom Trio

Leader: Mara Rosenbloom

Years Active: 2012-present



Live Performances:

Date Venue Media
Dec 16 I-Beam  
Nov 11 Korzo (Konception)  
Sep 30[1] I-Beam  
Sep 24[2] Jazz Jamboree (Barcelona, Spain)  
Sep 23 Jimmy Glass (Valencia, Spain)  
Jul 31[3] I-Beam  
Jun 4[4] I-Beam  
Mar 1[5] I-Beam  
Jan 9[6] I-Beam  
Jul 24[7] I-Beam  
Mar 28 I-Beam  
Jan 4 I-Beam  
Dec 5[8] I-Beam  
Oct 10 I-Beam  

[1] Tomas Fujiwara on drums.

[2] On this date and the one prior, with Masa Kamaguchi on bass, David Xirgu on drums.

[3] Chad Taylor on drums.

[4] Adam Lane on bass.

[5] Adam Lane on bass.

[6] This concert featured two versions of the trio. The first set was with Adam Lane on bass and Jeff Davis on drums. The second set featured Sean Conly on bass and Chad Taylor on drums.

[7] All of the performances in 2013 had Chad Taylor on drums.

[8] On this date and the one prior, Mark Ferber on drums.

Cisco BradleyMara Rosenbloom Trio

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