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Leader: Michael Bates

Years Active: 2004-2011


  • Michael Bates: bass, compositions
  • Russ Johnson: trumpet
  • Quinsin Nachoff: saxophones, clarinet (replaced Ohad Talmor, May 2006)
  • Jeff Davis: drums (replaced Michael Sarin, April 2007, who replaced Take Toriyama, November 2005)


Live Performances:

Date Venue Media
May 10 Versalka (Sopot, Poland)  
May 9 Jazzownia Liberaln (Warsaw)  
May 8 Pod Baszta (Andrychow, Poland)  
May 7 Mozg (Bydgoszcz, Poland)  
May 2 Fincan (Berlin)  
Apr 30 Nurnberg, Germany  
Dec 16 Miles’ Café  
Nov 11[1] Cornelia Street Café  
Jun 10 Cornelia Street Café  
Apr 18 Cornelia Street Café  
Mar 19[2] Douglass Street Music Collective  
Dec 12 Goodbye Blue Monday  
Dec 7 Zebulon  
Nov 29[3] Solo Kitchen Bar  
Jul 28 Le Grand Dakar  
Jun 16[4] The Stone  
Apr 25 Cornelia Street Café  
Sep 13[5] Cornelia Street Café  
May 31[6] Douglass Street Music Collective  
Mar 30[7] Jimmy’s Restaurant  
Jul 1 Jimmy’s Restaurant  
Apr 18[8] Barbes  
May 10[9] 55 Bar  
May 4 Black Pearl  
May 3 Barbes  
Nov 2[10] 55 Bar  
Jul 27 Barbes  
Mar 24 Montauk Club  
Mar 21 55 Bar  
Mar 8[11] Niagra  
Jan 12[12] Barbes  
Nov 18 Montauk Club  
Aug 31 Niagra  
Jul 6 Niagra  


[1] Tom Rainey replaced Jeff Davis on drums.

[2] Greg Tardy and Josh Sinton replaced Quinsin Nachoff on reeds.

[3] Ron Horton replaced Russ Johnson on trumpet.

[4] Chris Speed replaced Quinsin Nachoff on saxophone.

[5] Record release: Clockwise.

[6] Tony Barba replaced Quinsin Nachoff on saxophone.

[7] Tony Barba replaced Quinsin Nachoff on saxophone.

[8] Tony Malaby replaced Quinsin Nachoff on saxophone; Jeff Davis’ first concert with the band.

[9] On all three May performances, Michael Sarin played drums for the band.

[10] On this date and prior, Ohad Talmor played saxophone and Take Toriyama played drums, unless otherwise noted.

[11] A trio with Mark Small and Pete Retzlaff.

[12] A two-trumpet line-up with Shane Endsley; also Ohad Talmor on saxophone; no drummer.

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