Connie Crothers and Cheryl Richards Live at the Stone 2014-08-24

Band: Connie Crothers, Cheryl Richards Videographer: Scott Friedlander “Number One” “Number Two” “Number Three” “Number Four” “Number Five” “Number Six” “Number Seven” “Number Eight” “Number Nine” “Number Ten” “Number Eleven”

Old Time Musketry Live at Firehouse Space 2013-01-27

Band: Old Time Musketry: J.P. Schlegelmilch, Adam Schneit, Phil Rowan, Max Goldman Videographer: oldtimemusketry “Parade” “Transmitter Park” “Drifter” “Different Times” and “Hope for Something More” “Cadets” “Two Painters” “Weird Waltz” “Highly Questionable” “Odd Ray” “Floating Vision”