Playlist for the Week of August 29, 2016

ADHD – 4 (Contemplate, 2013) Johann Gunnarsson – Genematrix Perimeter Stroke (Skipping High, 2016) Keefe Jackson & Jason Adasiewicz – Rows and Rows (Delmark, 2016) Viriditas – Self-titled (Eschatology, 2016) Vinny Golia & Ross Hammond – self-titled (Prescott, 2016) Other Dimensions in Music w/Matthew Shipp – Time Is of the Essence Is Beyond Time (AUM

Album Review: Yoni Kretzmer 2-Bass Quartet – Book II (2015)

Yoni Kretzmer 2-Bass Quartet – Book II (OutNow  Recordings, 2015) Yoni Kretzmer – tenor saxophone Reuben Radding – double bass Sean Conly – double bass Mike Pride – drums The Yoni Kretzmer 2-Bass Quartet Book II CD is an impressive recording by Kretzmer in his series of CD releases on OutNow Recordings. An apt description

Album Review: Jungle – Live at Okuden (2016)

Jungle (Mat Walerian, Matthew Shipp, Hamid Drake): Live at Okuden “Repetition is never in the stars. It is about becoming a part of creation rather than trying to be creative. Improvisational music is a day-to-day, second-by-second experience that reboots itself at each silence. The music speaks for itself.” — William Parker Live at Okuden is

Playlist for Week of August 15, 2016

Sam Weinberg – self-titled (Renfusa, 2016) Bobby Bradford & Hafez Modirzadeh – Live at the Open Gate (No Business, 2016) Shipwreck (Bennett/Johnston/Mezzacappa/Rosaly) – 4 (No Business, 2016) Peter Kuhn Trio – The Other Side (No Business, 2016) Peter Kuhn – Ghost of a Trance (Hat Hut, 1981) [vinyl] Frank Lowe – Fresh (Arista, 1975) [vinyl]