Album Review: Hommage à Bartók (2016) by Steve Swell’s Kende Dreams

Steve Swell’s Kende Dreams Silkheart (CD) When engaging the work of someone who looms as large as the Hungarian composer Béla Bartók, a number of paths may emerge. One could take on the fact that his research into the musics of Hungary, Romania, and other regional ethnographies presaged the bending of space and tonality by

Playlist for the Week of March 28, 2016

Michael Attias’ Renku – Live in Greenwich Village (Clean Feed, 2016) Ahmed Abdullah and the Solomonic Quintet – self-titled (Silkheart, 1988) David S. Ware / Apogee – Birth of a Being (AUM Fidelity, 2015) No Project Trio – Vol. II (FMR, 2015) Michael Blake – Fulfillment (Songlines, 2016) Sabir Mateen Jubilee Ensemble – self-titled (Not

Playlist for Week of March 21, 2016

Aaron Lumley – Wilderness (Ontario Arts Council, 2012) [vinyl] Nels Cline, Andrea Parkins, Tom Rainey – Downpour (Victo, 2007) Matthew Shipp String Trio – By the Law of Music (Hat Hut, 2002) Sunny Murray – We Are Not at the Opera (Eremite, 1999) Leila Bordreuil & Michael Foster – The Caustic Ballads (Relative Pitch, 2016)