Release of Sound American 6

Re-posted from correspondence with Nate Wooley:
I’m really happy to personally announce the release of Sound American 6: The New/Rediscovered Instruments Issue at

Exploring those artists that choose to articulate their musical concept by choosing to engage with musical instruments of their own making, creating a new musical language and syntax full of personal meaning outside of the conventions of Western music making!

This issue features:

Harry Partch: The Iconoclast and His Instruments (featuring newly available photos from the Partch archive)
Conversations with:
New York pianist, builder, and free jazz elder Cooper-Moore
Baltimore machinist and New American Weirdo Neil Feather
Wisconsin based improvisor and creator of elegant wooden instruments Hal Rammel

How to Hack a CD Player and Five Questions by Nicolas Collins
And much more!

Cisco BradleyRelease of Sound American 6

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