Seven Storey Mountain

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Leader: Nate Wooley

Years Active: 2008-present


  • varying involvement


  • Seven Storey Mountain III and IV (Pleasure of the Text, 2013)
  • Seven Storey Mountain [II] (2011)
  • Seven Storey Mountain [I] (2008)

Live Performances:

Date Venue Media
Jan 10 NYU Law School Lounge (Winter Jazz Fest)  
Jun 6[1] Issue Project Room  
Mar 11[2] Issue Project Room  

[1] With Chris Corsano, Ryan Sawyer, Ben Vida, C. Spencer Yeh, Matt Moran, Chris Dingman, and TILT Brass Sextet.

[2] With Paul Lytton, Chris Corsano, David Grubbs, C. Spencer Yeh, Matt Moran, and Chris Dingman.

Cisco BradleySeven Storey Mountain

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