Shayna Dulberger Quartet

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Leader: Shayna Dulberger

Years Active: 2011-present



Live Performances (complete):

Date Venue




Jun 20 The Backroom


May 2 Caffe Vivaldi


Apr 17 Highwire Gallery (Philadelphia)


Apr 16 Mahall’s (Lakewood, OH)


Apr 15 The Comet (Cincinnati)


Apr 14 Hungry Brain (Chicago)


Apr 13 Black Sparrow (Lafayette, IN)


Apr 12 City Folk’s Farm Shop (Columbus, OH)


Apr 11 Twins Jazz (Washington, DC)


Mar 9 Never Ending Books (New Haven, CT)


Feb 3 Shapeshifter Lab


Jan 17 Goodbye Blue Monday


Jan 6 Goodbye Blue Monday


Dec 17 Legion


Oct 28 Shapeshifter Lab


Oct 27 Lilypad (Cambridge, MA)


Oct 26 L’envers (Montreal)


Oct 25 The Spotty Dog (Hudson, NY)


Jun 28 Legion


May 19 Sycamore


Apr 14 Caffe Vivaldi


Mar 31 International Waters (Philadelphia)


Mar 25 Caffe Vivaldi


Feb 3 The Backroom


Jan 4 Uncertainty Series (New Haven, CT)




Jun 29 University of the Streets



Cisco BradleyShayna Dulberger Quartet

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