Sound American 7 Released

Reposted from Nate Wooley:
I’m really happy to personally announce the release of Sound American 7: The Deep Listening Issue at

Exploring those artists that choose to articulate their musical concept by choosing to engage with musical instruments of their own making, creating a new musical language and syntax full of personal meaning outside of the conventions of Western music making!

Conversations with:
Deep Listening Founder Pauline Oliveros and Members of the New York based Ghost Ensemble on performing Oliveros’ text scores
Essays by:
Miya Masaoka on Plant Intelligence
David Rothenberg on Playing with Nature
Paula Matthusen on Acoustic Nature of Train Tunnels

Musical Contributions from:
Lea Bertucci
Alessandro Bosetti
Nick Hallett and Megan Schubert
Loadbang Ensemble
Tim Daisy

And much more!

I’ve been given a bit of leeway to offer some great new packages for new subscribers, as well as deals on the booklet and our previous LP, The Widow’s Joy)…a good Xmas gift for someone you love? … The proceeds going toward a print version of the journal and more money for interviewees.

Cisco BradleySound American 7 Released

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