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Best Albums of 2014

This was an amazing year with a number of innovative and revolutionary releases that made it very difficult to choose. I spent many days narrowing the best records of 2014 down to fifteen: Josh Sinton’s Ideal Bread – Beating the Teens (Cuneiform) Travis Laplante’s Battle Trance – Palace of Wind (NNA Tapes) Rodrigo Amado Motion

Playlist for the Week of Nov 1, 2014

Jagged Spheres (Elias Stemeseder, Devin Gray, Anna Webber) – self-titled (self-released, 2013) Ches Smith’s Congs for Brums – Noise to Men (self-released, 2010) Thomas Borgmann – Boom Box Jazz (Jazzwerkstatt, 2011) Tomas Fujiwara Trio – Variable Bets (Relative Pitch, 2014)

Playlist for the Week of Oct 18, 2014

Holus-Bolus – Altogether … All at Once Big Plastic Finger – Up from Under (Starry Night Records, 2014) Erik Hove Chamber Ensemble – Saturated Colour (2014) Ross Hammond & Grant Calvin Weston – Blues and Daily News (Prescott Recordings, 2014) Anna Webber – Third Floor People Don’t Need to Worry about Anything (NOWT Records) peeesseye

Out Now Music Nights: An Exciting New Concert Series

Yoni Kretzmer is following up his highly successful summer concert series with another program beginning this month, scheduled for each Sunday evening at the Legion (790 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn). Last week’s bill featured the Roy Campbell Trio and Swell-Kretzmer-Heberer-Johnson-Taylor. Upcoming performances include: December 15 Rob Brown Quartet (with Kenny Warren, Peter Bitenc, Juan Pablo Carletti),