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Interview: Mark Lewandowski

Bassist Mark Lewandowski originally hails from Nottingham, England, but moved to New York City in August of 2017. In 2021, he released his second album as a leader Under One Sky with Addison Frei (piano) and Kush Abadey (drums). Writer Akira Saito had the opportunity to interview Mr. Lewandowski about his work and perspectives on

Playlist for the Week of April 2, 2018

Esplendor Geometrico – Fungus Cerebri: Selected Tracks from Cassettes 1981-1989, Spanish Underground Cassette Movement, vol. 1 (Geometrik, 2016) [vinyl] Art Zoyd – Generation sans Futur (Atem, 1980; reissued on Sub Rosa, 2015) [vinyl] Cecil Taylor – The Cecil Taylor Unit (New World Records, 1978) [vinyl] Cecil Taylor – In Transition (Blue Note reissue, 1975) [vinyl] Olivier Alary – Fiction/Non-fiction (FatCat,

Playlist for September 28, 2015

Katie Bull Group Project – All Hot Bodies Radiate (Ashokan Indie, 2015) Talibam! – Ordination of the Globetrotting Conscripts (Azul Discografia, 2007) Ross Hammond – Flight (Prescott, 2015) Various Artists – Audio Dispatch 01 (Free103point9, 2001) Edward Ricart Quartet + Paul Dunmall – Chamaeleon (New Atlantis, 2013) Sikora / O’Hara / Lacey – Arbour (Fort

Playlist for the Week of June 1, 2015

Denis Charles Triangle – Queen Mary (Silkheart, 1991) Thomas Borgmann Trio – Organic (Lotus Sound, 1997) Devin Gray – Relative Resonance (Skirl, 2015) –release tomorrow!! Period – 2 (Public Eyesore, 2015) Pulverize the Sound – self-titled (Relative Pitch, 2015) Split Cycle – self-titled (self-released, 2012) Earth Tongues – Rune (Neither/Nor Records, 2015) Kristin Slipp &

Playlist for Week of April 27, 2015

Baikida Carroll – Shadows and Reflections (Soul Note, 1982) [vinyl] Billy Bang – Outline no. 12 (OAO, 1982) [vinyl] Cecil Taylor Unit – Live in Vienna (Leo, 1988) [vinyl] Jerome Cooper – The Unpredictability of Predictability (About Time, 1979) [vinyl] Archie Shepp – Live at the Donaueschingen Music Festival (BASF, 1972) [vinyl] Tim Berne –

Music as a Healing Force: The Musical Philosophy of William Parker

On November 17, 2014, legendary bassist William Parker invited me to his apartment on the Lower East Side to talk about his musical philosophy. I had approached him about an interview after a gig he did in Brooklyn the previous month, introducing myself as a writer who focuses on “young and emerging artists.” He had

Playlist for the Week of November 24, 2014

Cecil Taylor – Air above Mountains (Inner City, 1973) [vinyl] William Parker Organ Quartet – Uncle Joe’s Spirit House (Centering, 2010) Raphe Malik – Consequences (Eremite, 1999) Thollem McDonas, William Parker, Nels Cline – The Gowanus Session (Porter, 2012) William Parker – Long Hidden: The Olmec Series (AUM Fidelity, 2006) The Element Choir & William

Playlist for the Week of November 17, 2014

Frank Lowe Quartet – Out Loud (Triple Point, 2014) [vinyl] Cecil Taylor – 3 Phasis (New World, 1979) [vinyl] Taylor Ho Bynum & Tomas Fujiwara – Through Foundation (self-released, 2014) [vinyl] John Coltrane Quartet – Creation (Blue Parrot, 1965) [vinyl] John Coltrane – John Coltrane Quartet Plays (Impulse, 1962) [vinyl] Melodic Art-Tet (Brackeen, Abdullah, Parker,