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Series Review: Rye on Wednesday Nights (Williamsburg)

One of the most promising series for creative music in Brooklyn to open in recent months occurs weekly at Rye (247 S. 1st St, Williamsburg) every Wednesday night, at 9 pm. The series has been going since February and was originally presented and inspired by A.E. Randolph and curated by bassist Will McEvoy and saxophonist

Playlist for Week of 5 April 2014

David S. Ware – Passage to Music (Silkheart, 1988) Max Johnson Trio – The Invisible Trio (Fresh Sound, 2014) Signal Problems (D. Gouker, E. Trudel, A. Hopkins, N. Ellman-Bell) – self-titled (pfMentum, 2014) Sara Serpa & Andre Matos – Primavera (Inner Circle, 2014) Patrick Breiner’s Double Double – Mileage (Sulde, 2014)