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June Artist Feature: Brian Drye

Trombonist and pianist Brian Drye has been a mainstay on the New York scene since the dawn of the millennium. He leads the group Bizingas (with Kirk Knuffke, Jonathan Goldberger, and Ches Smith) and also plays regularly with the improvising chamber ensemble The Four Bags which has been performing worldwide since 1999. He co-leads the group Drye & Drye

Out Now Music Nights: An Exciting New Concert Series

Yoni Kretzmer is following up his highly successful summer concert series with another program beginning this month, scheduled for each Sunday evening at the Legion (790 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn). Last week’s bill featured the Roy Campbell Trio and Swell-Kretzmer-Heberer-Johnson-Taylor. Upcoming performances include: December 15 Rob Brown Quartet (with Kenny Warren, Peter Bitenc, Juan Pablo Carletti),