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Playlist for the Week of 5 July 2014

William Parker – Wood Flute Songs, DiverseWorks (both sets) (AUM Fidelity, 2013) Mike Pride’s Scene Fucker #5 – The Ensemble Is an Electronic Device (Public Eyesore, 2005) Jeff Cosgrove, Matthew Shipp, William Parker – Alternating Current (Grizzley Music, 2014) Kris Davis Trio – Waiting for You to Grow (Clean Feed, 2014)

Playlist for the Week of 2 Nov 2013

Matt Pavolka Band – Something People Can Use (Toap Music, 2008) Paul Chambers – Bass on Top (Blue Note, 1957) [vinyl] Kris Davis Trio – Good Citizen (Fresh Sound, 2010) Paradoxical Frog – self-titled (Clean Feed, 2010) The Four Bags – Forth (NCM East, 2011) Han-earl Park, Bruce Coates, Francizka Schroeder – io 0.0.1 beta++