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Playlist for Week of Sep 27, 2014

Matt Pavolka – The Horns Band (Fresh Sound, 2014) Matana Roberts Quartet – The Calling (Utech, 2006) Mary Halvorson – Reverse Blue (Relative Pitch, 2014) Jesse Stacken & Kirk Knuffke – Orange Was the Color (Steeplechase, 2011) Taylor Ho Bynum Sextet – Middle Picture (Firehouse 12, 2007)

Playlist for Week of 12 July 2014

  Loren Stillman & Bad Touch – Going Public (Fresh Sound, 2013) Tom Chang – Tongue & Groove (Raw Toast, 2014) Fay Victor Ensemble – The Freesong Suite (Greene Avenue Music, 2009) Matt Pavolka – The Horns Band (Fresh Sound, 2014) Michael Attias – Spun Tree (Clean Feed, 2012) Alon Nechushtan – Venture Bound (Enja,

October Artist Feature: Matt Pavolka

Bassist Matt Pavolka has been playing regularly on the New York scene since moving to the city in 1994 and has been especially active over the past decade. He has played in numerous contexts and released the album Something People Can Use (Toneofapitch Records) by the Matt Pavolka Band in 2008. Interview Pavolka has a