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Gentrification and Art Space: The Case of Silent Barn

Guest Writer: Adin Rimland Gentrification is described as a replacement of lower-income populations and businesses in a specific neighborhood by more affluent ones. Gentrification actually goes beyond displacement and includes the replacement and exclusion of certain populations and businesses from a neighborhood. In this article, I want to touch on the elements that create a space which allows

Review: Jesse Dulman Quartet Live at Downtown Music Gallery, April 29, 2018

Guest Writer: Vanessa Vargas The DMG 27th Anniversary Series of Sonic Celebrations continued on the evening of April 29th with the Jesse Dulman Quartet. Located in Chinatown, the Downtown Music Gallery is a long-running and internationally known record store. Playfully coined during the concert as “the only avant-garde jazz store still on the planet,” it

VAX, New York, and the Death of Art: A Review

On a weekly, and often daily, basis, I have conversations with friends, email exchanges, or Facebook interactions about the decline and inevitable death of the New York new jazz scene. Many of the concerns people raise are very real: fewer opportunities to play live (and fewer that pay well), eroding audience numbers, venues closing, gentrification