Taylor Ho Bynum Sextet

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Leader: Taylor Ho Bynum

Years Active: 2005-present



Live Performances:

Date Venue Media
May 20 Grand Auditorium du Conservatoire (Caen, France)  
May 2 Firehouse 12 (New Haven, CT)  
Nov 9 Jazz Gallery  
Nov 8 The Lilypad (Cambridge, MA)  
Nov 7 Real Arts Ways (Hartford, CT)  
Dec 7 Firehouse 12 (New Haven, CT)  
Dec 6 Pioneer Valley Jazz Shares (Greenfield, MA)  
Dec 5 Brookline High School (Brookline, MA)  
Nov 3 New Music Circle (St. Louis)  
Nov 2 Kerrytown Concert House (Edgefest, Ann Arbor, MI)  
Sep 15 Jazz Gallery  video
Sep 12 Johnny D’s (Somerville, MA)  
Dec 23 Outpost 186 (Cambridge, MA)  
Dec 17 Jazz Gallery  
Sep 11 Le Poisson Rouge (Crosscurrent Festival)  video
May 15 Cornelia Street Café  
Mar 25 Banlieues Bleues (Bobigny, France)  
Mar 13 The Big Room (New Haven, CT)  
Sep 10 Firehouse 12 (New Haven, CT)  
Aug 29 Jazzfestival Saalfelden (Saalfelden, Austria)  
Aug 21 Jazz Gallery  
Aug 20 Rylez Jazz Club  
Nov 14[1] Jazz Gallery  
Aug 9 Festival dos Abrazos (Santiago de Compostela, Spain)  video
Aug 7 Jazz Em Augusto (Lisbon)  
Jun 10 Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center (Vision Festival)  
Jan 19 Jalopy Theater  
Oct 5 Jalopy Theater  
Apr 27[2] Jazz Gallery (Middle Picture album release concert)  
Apr 12 Boston Center for the Arts (Boston; Middle Picture album release concert)  
Dec 16 Rose Live Music  
Sep 28[3] Issue Project Room  
Mar 6 Tonic  
Feb 22 Barbes  
Dec 6[4] Location One  
Oct 22 Firehouse 12 (New Haven, CT)  
Oct 20 The Rotunda (Philadelphia)  
Sep 15[5] The Stone  
Jun 9[6] Zebulon  
Mar 24 Jazz Gallery  

[1] Jason Kao Hwang replaced Jessica Pavone.

[2] Loren Dempster replaced Matt Bauder.

[3] Included special guest Loren Dempster.

[4] Included special guest Loren Dempster.

[5] Included special guest Loren Dempster.

[6] On this and previous dates, the band was billed as a quintet, without Matt Bauder.

Cisco BradleyTaylor Ho Bynum Sextet

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