Tomas Fujiwara & the Hook Up

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Leader: Tomas Fujiwara

Years Active: 2008-present


  • Tomas Fujiwara: drums, compositions
  • Jonathan Finlayson: trumpet
  • Brian Settles: tenor sax
  • Mary Halvorson: guitar
  • Michael Formanek: bass (replaced Trevor Dunn, April 2012, who had replaced Danton Boller, June 2011)


Live Performances:

Date Venue Media
Feb 15 Cornelia Street Café  
Jan 12 Cornelia Street Café  
Apr 6 Cornelia Street Café  
Jun 15 Roulette (Vision Festival)  
Nov 16 Cornelia Street Café  
Jun 16 Douglass Street Music Collective  
Apr 27[1] Cornelia Street Café  
Feb 9[2] Cornelia Street Café  
Jan 9 Zebulon  
Dec 15 Jazz Gallery  
Oct 1 Douglass Street Music Collective  
Jul 22[3] Douglass Street Music Collective  
Jun 6[4] Abrons Arts Center  
Dec 18 Douglass Street Music Collective  
Oct 9[5] The Stone  
Apr 29 Jazz Gallery  
Jan 15 The Stone  
Dec 20 Douglass Street Music Collective  
Nov 19[6] Barbes  

[1] Michael Formanek became the new bass player for the band beginning with this concert.

[2] Trevor Dunn played bass for the band on all performances between 1 Oct 2011 and 9 Feb 2012.

[3] Danton Boller’s last concert with the group on bass.

[4] Trevor Dunn’s first concert with the group on bass.

[5] Shane Endsley replaced Jonathan Finlayson on trumpet.

[6] Nate Wooley played trumpet for the band.

Cisco BradleyTomas Fujiwara & the Hook Up

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