Transcendence Quartet

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Leader: Ras Moshe

Years Active: 2006-2009



  • Transcendence (KMB Jazz, 2007)

Live Performances:

Date Venue Media
Aug 5[1] Brooklyn Lyceum  
Mar 28[2] Corridor Gallery  
Jun 8 Douglass Street Music Collective  
May 28[3] Brooklyn Lyceum  
May 23[4] Living Theatre  
Feb 17 Downtown Music Gallery  
Feb 3 Brecht Forum  
Dec 15[5] Goodbye Blue Monday  
Jul 28 Brecht Forum  
May 12 Brecht Forum  
Apr 28 Brecht Forum  
Apr 13 Lucky Cat  
Mar 20 The Stone  
Mar 7 Union Pool  
Oct 12[6] Spoken Words Café  
Jul 27 Spoken Words Café  
Jun 1 Spoken Words Café  


[1] A trio without a drummer.

[2] Dave Miller on drums.

[3] A trio without a drummer.

[4] A quintet with Matt Lavelle.

[5] A trio without a drummer.

[6] Billed as the “Ras Moshe Project.”

Cisco BradleyTranscendence Quartet

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