Mary Halvorson Quintet

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Leader: Mary Halvorson

Years Active: 2010-present



Live Performances:

Date Venue Media
Oct 29 Porgy & Bess (Vienna)  
Oct 28 Serbia Kosztolanyi Dezso Theater (Subotica, Serbia)  
Oct 26 Jazz & Wine of Peace Festival (Cormons, Italy)  
Oct 25 Dinamo (Reggio Emilia, Italy)  
Oct 24 Umea Jazzfestival (Umea, Sweden)  
Oct 23 Jazzfestival Frankfurt (Frankfurt)  
Jan 4 BAM Café  
Dec 19 The Outpost (Albequerque, NM)  
Aug 10 Jazz Em Agosto (Lisbon, Portugal)  
Aug 3 Newport Jazz Festival (Newport, RI)  
Mar 24 Bergamo Jazz Festival (Bergamo, Italy)  
Dec 12 Atlas Performing Arts Center (Washington, DC)  
Dec 1 Wexner Center for the Arts (Columbus, OH)  
Aug 25 Sallfelden Jazz Festival (Sallfelden, Austria)  
Jun 8 The Lilypad (Cambridge, MA)  
Jun 7 Burlington Discover Jazz Festival (Burlington, VT)  
May 19 Cornelia Street Café (album release: Bending Bridges)  
May 18 Firehouse 12 (New Haven, CT)  
May 17 Victoriaville Festival (Victoriaville, Canada)  
May 16 Buoy (Kittery, ME)  
Nov 6 The Hungry Brain (Umbrella Music Festival, Chicago)  
Oct 14 The Stone  
Jul 29 Cornelia Street Café  
Jul 10 North Sea Jazz Festival (Rotterdam, Netherlands)  
May 30 Joe’s Pub  
Mar 18[1] Barbes  
Sep 30[2] Barbes  
Mar 18 Roulette  

[1] Kirk Knuffke replaced Jonathan Finlayson.

[2] Kirk Knuffke replaced Jonathan Finlayson.

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