Past Dates


May 13

Brandon Lopez & Nina Dante

Leila Bordreuil + special guest

Jamal Moore Solo

April 8

8 pm–Martin Philadelphy & Jeremy Carlstedt

8:45 pm–Margo Terry (poetry)

9 pm–Anais Maviel, Leonid Galaganov, William Parker

10 pm–Luke Stewart, Aquiles Navarro, Tcheser Holmes


March 11

8 pm–Lathan-Flin-Ali

8:45 pm–Jeremiah Cymerman Solo

9:15 pm–Margo Terry (poetry) [canceled]

9:30 pm–Shayna Dulberger & Anais Maviel

10 pm–Tashi Dorji Solo


February 11

Aquiles Navarro-Tcheser Holmes Duo

Ras Moshe, Kyoko Kitamura, Anders Nilsson, Charley Sabatino, Ken Filiano

Sirius JuJu: Heru Shabaka-ra, Mike Watson, Julius Masri, Alex Kulick, Jamil Kayin


January 14

8 pm–Bonnie Kane 5-amp solo flute

8:45 pm–Ekene Okobi, Maria Toro Luna

9:15 pm–Kenny Warren Quartet with J.P. Schlegelmilch, Noah Garabedian, Satoshi Takeishi

10 pm–No Land, Daniel Carter, Devin Brahja Waldman, Devin Gray


December 10

8 pm–Carlo Costa Quartet with Jonathan Moritz, Steve Swell, Sean Ali

9 pm–Taylor Ho Bynum-Tomas Fujiwara Duo

10 pm–Andrew Smiley & Giacomo Merega

November 5

8 pm–Lisa Mezzacappa Quartet with Jonathan Moritz, Chris Welcome, Jeff Davis

9 pm–Daniel Carter, Anders Nilsson, Jochem Van Dijk, Jeremy Carlstedt

10 pm–Colin Fisher, Jaimie Branch, Carl Testa, Kevin Shea

October 8

8 pm–27 Licks: Gerald Cleaver, Devin Gray

9 pm–Keir Neuringer Solo

10 pm–Brandon Lopez Solo

Also photos by No Land will be on display

September 17

8 pm–Rigby Double Drums with Jason Rigby (reeds), Jeff Davis (drums), Mark Ferber (drums)

9 pm–Tri-Centric Presenting Series Set #2: Kyoko Kitamura’s Tidepool Fauna: Kitamura (voice, compositions), Ingrid Laubrock (saxophones), Ken Filiano (bass)

10 pm–Velocity Duo: Lauren Lee (vocals), Charley Sabatino (bass)

August 26

8 pm–Nate Wooley-Dave Rempis Quartet with Brandon Lopez, Chris Corsano

9 pm–Tri-Centric Presenting Series Set #1: Stephanie Richards “Sounds and Scents Opera” with Stomu Takeishi, Kenny Wollesen + guests

10 pm–Muyassar Kurdi Solo


July 9–Canceled for Renovations

June 10

8 pm–Yes Deer

9 pm–The Ghost: Michael Foster: saxophones, samples. Henry Fraser: bass/tapes, Connor Baker: percussion

May 14

10 pm–Sana Nagano Quartet with Kenji Herbert, Simon Jermyn, Paolo Cantarella

9 pm–Irreversible Entanglements: Moor Mother Goddess, Keir Neuringer, Luke Stewart, Aquiles Navarro, Tcheser Holmes

10 pm–James Brandon Lewis-Chad Taylor Duo

April 23

8 pm–Chris Pitsiokos-Brandon Seabrook-Daniel Levin

9 pm–Damien Olsen’s Post-Piano

10 pm–Sarah Bernstein-Satoshi Takeishi Duo

March 19

8 pm–Jon Lipscomb Quintet with Jaimie Branch, Sam Weinberg, Brandon Lopez, Dave Treut

9 pm–Michael Attias Solo

10 pm–Luke Stewart, Jarrett Gilgore, Ian McColm

February 13

8 pm–Anais Maviel Solo

9 pm–Julian Kirshner, Sam Weinberg, Brandon Lopez

10 pm–Joe Hertenstein, Todd Neufeld, Sean Conly

January 16

Valerie Kuehne Project

Brandon Lopez’ Xivaros with Alejandro Flores, Carlo Costa

Stephen Gauci Solo



December 12

8 pm–Mattrey.Bordreuil.Ali: Joanna Mattrey (viola), Leila Bordreuil (cello), Sean Ali (bass)

9 pm–Ingrid Laubrock and Han-earl Park Duo

10 pm–James Ilgenfritz’ Trio Caveat

November 14

Ava Mendoza solo

Ava Mendoza (acoustic guitar, voice)

Amirtha Kidambi’s Elder Ones

Amirtha Kidambi (voice, harmonium)
Matt Nelson (soprano saxophone)
Brandon Lopez (bass)
Max Jaffe (drums)

Flin van Hemmen Group

Flin van Hemmen (drums)
Joe Moffett (trumpet)
Pascal Niggenkemper (bass)


October 10–1st anniversary celebration of the series! Also it happens to be a blowout party for the birthdays of Cisco Bradley and Patrick Breiner!!!

8 pm — Shayna Dulberger Solo

9 pm — Patrick Breiner’s Red Metal

Patrick Breiner (tenor saxophone, clarinet)
Anais Maviel (voice)
Emily Lesbros (voice)
Sana Nagano (violin)
Chris Hoffman (cello)

10 pm — Nate Wooley Solo


September 12

Brandon Lopez Solo

Brandon Lopez (bass)


Chris Welcome (guitar)
Jaimie Branch (trumpet)
Sam Weinberg (tenor saxophone)

Tom Blancarte’s The Gauntlet + Sam Pluta

Tom Blancarte (bass)
Louise D.E. Jensen (alto saxophone, voice)
Peter Evans (trumpet)
Dan Peck (tuba)
Sam Pluta (electronics)


August 15

8 pm — Steve Swell Solo

Steve Swell (trombone)

9 pm — Leap of Faith

  • PEK (clarinets, saxophones, double reeds, metal, aquasonic, voice)
  • Steve Norton (clarinets and saxophones, metal)
  • Yuri Zbitnov (drums, metal, aquasonic, voice)
  • Glynis Lomon (cello, aquasonic, metal, voice)

10 pm — Leap of Faith + Steve Swell

  • Steve Swell (guitar)
  • PEK (clarinets, saxophones and double reeds)
  • Steve Norton (clarinets and saxophones)
  • Yuri Zbitnov (drums)
  • Glynis Lomon (cello)


 July 18

7:30 pm — Andrew Barker Trio

Michael Foster (tenor saxophone)
James Ilgenfritz (bass)
Andrew Barker (drums)

8:30 pm — Chris Pitsiokos Trio

Chris Pitsiokos (alto saxophone)
Max Johnson (bass)
Kevin Shea (drums)

9:30 pm — Amirtha Kidambi-Darius Jones Duo

Amirtha Kidambi (voice)
Darius Jones (alto saxophone)


June 13

Night of Tenor Ensembles!

8 pm — Catherine Sikora Solo

9 pm — Ingrid Laubrock-Tom Rainey Duo

Ingrid Laubrock (tenor, soprano saxophone)
Tom Rainey (drums)

10 pm — James Brandon Lewis Trio

James Brandon Lewis (tenor saxophone)
Max Johnson (bass)
Joe Hertenstein (drums)


May 9

Guest Curator: Clifford Allen

8 pm — Ben Stapp Solo

Ben Stapp (tuba)

9 pm — Cooper-Moore/Newman Taylor Baker

Cooper-Moore (homemade & invented instruments)
Newman Taylor Baker (washboard)

10 pm — Kristin Slipp & Dov Manski

Kristin Slipp (voice)
Dov Manski (Wurlitzer)


April 11

New Revolution Arts Meets Home Audio: An Evening of Music curated by Mara Meyer

8 pm — Booker Stardrum (solo drums)

9 pm — Sullivann

  • Catherine Brookman (voice)
  • Joe White (guitar)
  • Paul Pinto (percussion)

10 pm — Men Are Just Desserts

  • Nathaniel Morgan (alto saxophone)
  • Jason Anastasoff (bass)
  • Sean Ali (bass)
  • Devin Gray (drums)


March 27

8 pm: Tomas Fujiwara-Taylor Ho Bynum Duo

Taylor Ho Bynum (cornet)
Tomas Fujiwara (drums)

9 pm: Yoni Kretzmer Trio

Yoni Kretzmer (tenor saxophone)
Jason Ajemian (bass)
Kevin Shea (drums)


February 27-28


Trix, Biz, Vone


Friday, January 16

7:30 — Doors

8 pm — Harris Eisenstadt/Michael Moore Duo
Harris Eisenstadt (drums)
Michael Moore (reeds)

9 pm — Ches Smith Trio
Ches Smith (drums)
Mat Maneri (viola)
Craig Taborn (Wurlitzer)



December 13

8 pm: A Thousand Ancestors: Eivind Opsvik and Michelle Arcila RELEASE CONCERT!!

Artist Statement: A Thousand Ancestors is the culmination of a long-standing collaboration between photographer Michelle Arcila and musician/bassist Eivind Opsvik which synthesizes the strong influence of visual imagery on music, and vice versa. Hailing from Costa Rica and Norway, two different countries with distinct cultural traditions and folklore, A Thousand Ancestors is an exploration of family history and the continuing influence of ancestral narratives on the present generation.

Links to two songs from the box set:


9 pm: Josh Sinton’s Musicianer with Kim Cass and Sam Ospovat

Artist Statement:

the   possible
        of the sounds
  and silences
          to be found
            along the length of a
  a song
        or two or


November 15

8 pm: Fay Victor-Brandon Seabrook Duo

Two strong improvisers meeting for the first time!

9 pm: While We Still Have Bodies: Michael Foster, Ben Gerstein, Sean Ali, Flin van Hemmen

Artist Statement: The Mission! While you still have bodies, we still have bodies. Ears, limbs, faces. Contractions (FvH). Ben was kidding, but Sean was not. Where is Michael? At least we still have bodies. Why? Glass pounds the table. Glass pounds the table again. Smelling like cigarettes and asking for jobs. Horns colliding. It might not be ethical, but at least it’s fresh. We are the ze’s. While we still have ears our mouth is eating you. Born and raised in your mind. We died as soon as you need us. Excellent for cooking. The laugh of defeat, the cry of triumph, and the sulk of hope. I learned a lot. A kid walks into class. That night. There’s minimal requirements. Thirty-five, thirty-seven. Atlas Eser, buzz 64.


October 10 (8 pm): KICKOFF EVENT! Thumbscrew: Mary Halvorson, Michael Formanek, Tomas Fujiwara

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