Red Microphone

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Leader: collaborative

Years Active: 2013-present


  • John Pietaro
  • Ras Moshe
  • Rocco John Iacovone
  • Nicolas Letman-Burtinovic (bass)


Live Performances:

Date Venue Media
Aug 16 El Taller Latino Americano  
Jul 24 The Commons  
Jun 4 The Commons  
Jun 1 Firehouse Space  
Mar 19 Bar Chord  
Oct 19 Firehouse Space  
Aug 24 Brecht Forum  
Jul 13 Metropolitan Room  
Jun 15[1] Silvana Club  
Jun 9 Downtown Music Gallery  
Jun 2 ABC No-Rio  
Apr 17 ZirZamin  
Mar 9 17 Frost Theater of the Arts  
Feb 5 Shapeshifter Lab  
Jan 27 ABC No-Rio  

[1] The concerts of June 9 and 15, 2013 included special guest Erika Dagnino.

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  • John Pietaro - March 15, 2014 reply

    Thanks much for including info on The Red Microphone. Our band performs a repertoire of music that is revolutionary both creatively and politically, drawing from the long tradition of radical cultural work on the Left. Our first CD, “The Red Microphone Speaks!” was released in 2013 on our my Dissident Arts label. We also recorded a piece for the IFAR label of the UK, “Brecht Breakdown” in Oct 2012 for one of their compilation albums released Dec 2012. I formed the band in 2012, knowing from the top it had to include Ras Moshe on saxophones and flute and quickly decided to bring in Rocco John Iacavone as a second saxophonist in order to have a network of lines between the two horns and my vibraphone and multi-percussion. The original bassist was Laurie Towers (electric bass) and she is heard on the single “Brecht Breakdown”. Due to her unavailability for the larger project, Nicolas Letman-Burtinovic was added as bassist (upright) and he is heard on the debit disc and has been with us for most of our performances. Another upright bassist, Philip Sirois, has been performing with us as well, when Nicolas had been otherwise engaged. For more info please see my website where you can also hear the band and see photos and find info on how to order the CD or where (In NYC) to buy it. peace, jp

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