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November Artist Feature: Fay Victor

Vocalist Fay Victor has been at the center of a number of interesting and innovative musical groups since returning to New York City in 2003. Her longstanding Fay Victor Ensemble has released a series of acclaimed albums, most recently Absinthe & Vermouth (2013). Her previous release, Freesong Suite (2009), remains one of the most forward-looking

Album Review: Absinthe & Vermouth by the Fay Victor Ensemble

Fay Victor Ensemble Greene Avenue Music (CD) Released November 2013; recorded January 30, 2013 at Potterville International Sound, Kingston, NY. Produced by Fay Victor. Personnel: Fay Victor (voice, compositions) Anders Nilsson (electric guitars, effects, voice) Ken Filiano (bass, effects, voice, spaceship megaphone) Track List: Big Bag (8:23) Crystal (5:30) I’m on a Mission/Paper Cup (15:03)