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Concert Picks for June 2015

June 1 (Monday) Andrew Barker Trio with Michael Foster, James Ilgenfritz; Jooklo Duo with Virginia Genta, David Vanzan Delroy’s Wine Bar 9, 10 pm $10 June 2 (Tuesday) Ursel Schlicht, Stephanie Griffin, Catherine Sikora, Josh Sinton, François Grillot, Andrew Drury Soup & Sound 7 pm $15 June 3 (Wednesday) Daniel Levin’s Antlers and Capillaries with

Best Live Creative Music of 2013

Despite being urged by several musicians in the community to put together a best of 2013 list, I initially resisted doing so for two reasons. I set out for Jazz Right Now to be supportive of the community as a whole, to highlight the work of an entire generation (or two) of musicians who are

Concert Review: Kirk Knuffke-Mike Pride Duo at Cornelia Street Cafe 1 Dec 2013

Kirk Knuffke (cornet) and Mike Pride (drums) played a set of duets in a rare outing at Cornelia Street Cafe Sunday night. I found this project intriguing from the first time I heard their album–Exterminating Angel (Nottwo, 2012)–originally because I would not have thought to pair the two eclectic musicians together. They each bring a

December Concert Listings Available

December’s full list of concerts are now available here. Highlights include: Dec 1: Kirk Knuffke/Mike Pride at Cornelia Street Cafe 8:30 pm $10 Dec 3: Psychic Shapes Ensemble (Jonathan Moritz, Kirk Knuffke, Jesse Stacken, Mike Pride, Chris Welcome) at Spectrum 10 pm Dec 5: Jesse Stacken with Ben Gerstein, Mike Pride; 40Twenty: Jacob Sacks, Jacob