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Playlist for Week of 5 April 2014

David S. Ware – Passage to Music (Silkheart, 1988) Max Johnson Trio – The Invisible Trio (Fresh Sound, 2014) Signal Problems (D. Gouker, E. Trudel, A. Hopkins, N. Ellman-Bell) – self-titled (pfMentum, 2014) Sara Serpa & Andre Matos – Primavera (Inner Circle, 2014) Patrick Breiner’s Double Double – Mileage (Sulde, 2014)

Interview: Matthew Shipp

Interview with Matthew Shipp via email, March 14-20, 2014 For a Japanese translation, see here. Cisco Bradley: What new direction does Root of Things (Relative Pitch, released March 2014) represent for your trio with Michael Bisio and Whit Dickey? Matthew Shipp: I don’t know if new direction is the right term—maybe more intense integration is