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Series Review: Rye on Wednesday Nights (Williamsburg)

One of the most promising series for creative music in Brooklyn to open in recent months occurs weekly at Rye (247 S. 1st St, Williamsburg) every Wednesday night, at 9 pm. The series has been going since February and was originally presented and inspired by A.E. Randolph and curated by bassist Will McEvoy and saxophonist

Playlist for the Week of January 5, 2015

Raoul Bjorkenheim, William Parker, Hamid Drake – DMG @ the Stone: December 26, 2006, vol. 2 (Downtown Music Gallery, 2008) William Parker Double Quartet – Alphaville Suite: Music Inspired by the Jean Luc-Godard Film (Rogue Art, 2008) Andrew Drury – The Drum (Soup and Sound, 2015) Michelle Arcila and Eivind Opsvik – A Thousand Ancestors

Interview with Nate Wooley, Part III: The Making of the Quintet

Interview with Nate Wooley conducted via email, December 2012-May 2014 CB: How did you first go about forming the Nate Wooley Quartet. Were Matt Moran, Reuben Radding, and Take Toriyama the original members? I found concert listings as early as June 2004. Did the band form shortly before that or earlier? Did the group ever

Eivind Opsvik’s Overseas Is Spectacular at Greenwich House Music School, 5 June 2014

Fresh off a European tour to Italy, France, and Slovenia, Eivind Opsvik‘s band Overseas played with a “take no prisoners” attitude at Greenwich House Music School last night. The music they performed was deep with interwoven textures and exploded with rich, shifting flavors each set in generous, though not overwhelming proportions. At the center, Opsvik’s