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Review: Jason Kao Hwang Ensemble at Bushwick Public House, Aug 13, 2018

Jason Kao Hwang (violin) brought collaborators Stomu Takeishi (electric bass) and Michael T.A. Thompson (drums) to Bushwick Public House last night for a dynamic set of improvisations. The music was fully improvised, riveting throughout, and evolved impressively from beginning to end. The piece had four distinct sections, giving the set the feeling of a suite with

Playlist for the Week of April 6, 2015

Commitment (Will Connell, Jason Kao Hwang, William Parker, Zen Matsuura – The Complete Recordings 1981/1983 (No Business, 2010) Mikko Innanen with William Parker, Andrew Cyrille – Song for a New Decade (TUM, 2014) Harris Eisenstadt – Golden State II (Songlines, 2015) Kaze – Uminari (Circum-Libra, 2015) Billy Lester – Unabridged (Jujikaan, 2015) Simon Frick –