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Nate Wooley Quintet Announces Dates for European Tour

Sorry, a little late in posting this. Check out the Nate Wooley Quintet if you get a chance! Innovative, entertaining, deep … Th 13 March – Nasjonal Jazz Scene Victoria – Oslo NO Fr 14 March – Jazz House – Copenhagen DK Sa 15 March – Club W71 – Weikersheim DE Su 16 March –

Playlist for the Week of 14 Dec 2013

Playlist for the past week: William Hooker – The Firmament Fury (Silkheart, 1989) Transit (J. Arnal, S. Misterka, R. Radding, N. Wooley) – self-titled (Clean Feed, 2005) William Hooker – Tibet (Ummo, 1996) William Hooker – Hard Time (Squealer, 2001) Bojan Vuletic (Recomposing Art: performed by N. Wooley & Mivos Quartet) – Atemwende (Ignoring Gravity,

Best Records of 2013

I listened to so much incredible music over the past year, so it was very difficult to select a small number of records to highlight as my picks for best of 2013. To make the task even more arduous, I limited it to just 15. I found that each of these records made me listen

Best Live Creative Music of 2013

Despite being urged by several musicians in the community to put together a best of 2013 list, I initially resisted doing so for two reasons. I set out for Jazz Right Now to be supportive of the community as a whole, to highlight the work of an entire generation (or two) of musicians who are

Sound American 7 Released

Reposted from Nate Wooley: I’m really happy to personally announce the release of Sound American 7: The Deep Listening Issue at Exploring those artists that choose to articulate their musical concept by choosing to engage with musical instruments of their own making, creating a new musical language and syntax full of personal meaning outside

Playlist for Week of 21 Sep 2013

My playlist for the past week: FPR – All at Once (Relative Pitch, 2013) Whoopie Pie – Sweet (Veal Records, 2007) Andrew D’Angelo – Morthana with Pride!! (Doubt Music, 2005) Evil Eye – Doin’ It all for My Baby (KMB Jazz, 2008) Mike Pride’s From Bacteria to Boys – Betweenwhile (AUM Fidelity, 2010) Matana Roberts

Album Release: Nate Wooley’s Seven Story Mountain III and IV

Nate Wooley has released two exciting new chapters in his Seven Story Mountain project on his own label, Pleasure of the Text Records. Their live performances are brilliant, so these are sure to be striking. This music features the following musicians: Nate Wooley (trumpet and amplifier) C. Spencer Yeh (violin) David Grubbs (electric guitar) Ben