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Playlist for the Week of September 21, 2015

Black Artists Group – In Paris, Aries 1973 (BAG, 1973) [vinyl] Eye Contact – War Rug (KMB Jazz, 2006) Nicole Mitchell’s Black Earth Ensemble – Black Unstoppable (Delmark, 2007) Signal Gain – self-titled (OutNow, 2015) Daniel Levin & Juan Pablo Carletti – Illusion of Truth (OutNow, 2015) Matthew Welch – Hag at the Churn (Newsonic,

November Artist Feature: Fay Victor

Vocalist Fay Victor has been at the center of a number of interesting and innovative musical groups since returning to New York City in 2003. Her longstanding Fay Victor Ensemble has released a series of acclaimed albums, most recently Absinthe & Vermouth (2013). Her previous release, Freesong Suite (2009), remains one of the most forward-looking

Playlist for the Week of 14 June 2014

Sean Conly/Michael Attias – Think Shadow (Out Now Recordings, 2012) Fay Victor – Lazy Old Sun: Live/Life in the Low Lands (Greene Avenue Music, 2004) Alan Shorter – Tes Esat (America Records, 2004; originally released 1971) DuDu – Gato Libre (Libra Records, 2014) Dave Douglas & Uri Caine – Present Joys (Greenleaf Music, 2014) Greg