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Playlist for the Week of December 22, 2014

Kidd Jordan, Hamid Drake, William Parker – Palm of Soul (AUM Fidelity, 2006) Mat Maneri – Acceptance (Hat Hut, 1998) Kris Davis – Capricorn Climber (Clean Feed, 2013) Book of Three – Continuum (2012) (Relative Pitch, 2013)

Playlist for Week of December 8, 2014

Matt Nelson – Lower Bottoms (Tubapede, 2014) Travis Laplante’s Battle Trance – Palace of Wind (NNA Tapes, 2014) Rodrigo Amado Motion Trio & Peter Evans – Live in Lisbon (No Business, 2014) Tyshawn Sorey – Alloy (Pi, 2014) VAX – Count to VAX (self-released, 2014) [vinyl] Jesse Stacken – Helleborus (Fresh Sound, 2014) Taylor Ho

Playlist for the Week of November 17, 2014

Frank Lowe Quartet – Out Loud (Triple Point, 2014) [vinyl] Cecil Taylor – 3 Phasis (New World, 1979) [vinyl] Taylor Ho Bynum & Tomas Fujiwara – Through Foundation (self-released, 2014) [vinyl] John Coltrane Quartet – Creation (Blue Parrot, 1965) [vinyl] John Coltrane – John Coltrane Quartet Plays (Impulse, 1962) [vinyl] Melodic Art-Tet (Brackeen, Abdullah, Parker,

Playlist for Week of Sep 27, 2014

Matt Pavolka – The Horns Band (Fresh Sound, 2014) Matana Roberts Quartet – The Calling (Utech, 2006) Mary Halvorson – Reverse Blue (Relative Pitch, 2014) Jesse Stacken & Kirk Knuffke – Orange Was the Color (Steeplechase, 2011) Taylor Ho Bynum Sextet – Middle Picture (Firehouse 12, 2007)

August Artist Feature: Jim Hobbs Residency at Douglass Street Music Collective, Aug 20-23

The exciting and fiery alto saxophonist Jim Hobbs is playing four nights at Douglass Street Music Collective starting Wednesday, August 20. Having developed a take-no-prisoners reputation with his playing and composing among numerous groups in Boston, this groundbreaking artist remains under-appreciated on the New York scene. Having led the Fully Celebrated for a number of

New This Week on Jazz Right Now / July 21, 2014

Videos Ascension for Roy Campbell at Clemente Soto Velez (Arts for Art) Brian Chase, Ron Anderson, Richard Hoffman Live at Spectrum Chris Pitsiokos Trio Live at Spectrum Sifter Live at Cornelia Street Cafe The Nu Band with Taylor Ho Bynum (Roy Campbell Tribute) Live at the Stone Lea Bertucci Solo Live at JACK The Core

Interview: Tomas Fujiwara on His Early Years as a Musician in New York

Interview with Tomas Fujiwara, Oct 1, 2013, at his apartment in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, NY Cisco Bradley: You played with the Matana Roberts Quartet. I would love to hear about your involvement with that. Maybe I am wrong, but it was my impression that that band never recorded. Tomas Fujiwara: There actually is a record,

New on Jazz Right Now This Week

Features April Artist Feature: Patrick Breiner Reviews Nightshades by Matt Bauder and Day in Pictures Videos Andrew Drury’s Content Provider Live at Soup & Sound Andrew Drury’s Content Provider Live at Clemente Soto Velez (Arts for Art) Colonic Youth Live at Firehouse Space Andrew Drury’s Content Provider Live at Firehouse Space Allan Baker, Tim Dahl,

Best Records of 2013

I listened to so much incredible music over the past year, so it was very difficult to select a small number of records to highlight as my picks for best of 2013. To make the task even more arduous, I limited it to just 15. I found that each of these records made me listen

Aych: Jim Hobbs, Taylor Ho Bynum & Mary Halvorson at JACK Arts 16 Sep 2013

The group Aych, composed of alto saxophonist Jim Hobbs, cornetist Taylor Ho Bynum, and guitarist Mary Halvorson, appeared in a rare performance last night at JACK Arts. Halvorson is well known on the New York scene as a daring player possessing rare talent and incredible musical vision. Ho Bynum, who formerly resided in Brooklyn, has