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Monthly Report from New York – June 2015

Drummer Devin Gray, who has been actively working in the underground Brooklyn scene now for nearly a decade, is finally getting some deserved attention with two records released in the past year. The latest, his sophomore record as a leader, Relative Resonance (Skirl), features some astute compositions that make great use of the abilities of

Series Review: Rye on Wednesday Nights (Williamsburg)

One of the most promising series for creative music in Brooklyn to open in recent months occurs weekly at Rye (247 S. 1st St, Williamsburg) every Wednesday night, at 9 pm. The series has been going since February and was originally presented and inspired by A.E. Randolph and curated by bassist Will McEvoy and saxophonist

Best Albums of 2014

This was an amazing year with a number of innovative and revolutionary releases that made it very difficult to choose. I spent many days narrowing the best records of 2014 down to fifteen: Josh Sinton’s Ideal Bread – Beating the Teens (Cuneiform) Travis Laplante’s Battle Trance – Palace of Wind (NNA Tapes) Rodrigo Amado Motion

Tangible, Abstract: Patrick Breiner’s Double Double at Korzo / Sep 30, 2014

Abstract (adj.): Existing in thought or as an idea but not having a physical or concrete existence. Tangible (adj.): Perceptible by touch Tenor saxophonist Patrick Breiner‘s music is not abstract, yet tangible, it is very strongly both of those things simultaneously. Last night, as with every time I listen to any of Breiner’s groundbreaking groups,

New This Week on Jazz Right Now / July 7, 2014

Interviews Interview: Tony Malaby Discusses His New Album, Somos Agua Interview with Nate Wooley, Part II: Early Years in New York City Videos Frikativ Quartet Live at Clemente Soto Velez (Arts for Art) breath TRIPLE sea TRIO birds Live at Clemente Soto Velez (Arts for Art) VoiceHornsBass Live at Clemente Soto Velez (Arts for Art)

Interview: Tony Malaby Discusses His New Album, Somos Agua

Saxophonist Tony Malaby is one of the standouts of a generation of jazz musicians who got going in New York in the mid-1990s. A bold and fiery player, Malaby has made an impact on the New York scene over the past twenty years. Tony and I had the opportunity to discuss his new record, Somos

Playlist for the Week of 14 June 2014

Sean Conly/Michael Attias – Think Shadow (Out Now Recordings, 2012) Fay Victor – Lazy Old Sun: Live/Life in the Low Lands (Greene Avenue Music, 2004) Alan Shorter – Tes Esat (America Records, 2004; originally released 1971) DuDu – Gato Libre (Libra Records, 2014) Dave Douglas & Uri Caine – Present Joys (Greenleaf Music, 2014) Greg

Eivind Opsvik’s Overseas Is Spectacular at Greenwich House Music School, 5 June 2014

Fresh off a European tour to Italy, France, and Slovenia, Eivind Opsvik‘s band Overseas played with a “take no prisoners” attitude at Greenwich House Music School last night. The music they performed was deep with interwoven textures and exploded with rich, shifting flavors each set in generous, though not overwhelming proportions. At the center, Opsvik’s

Playlist for Week of 10 May 2014

Chris Speed – Really OK (Skirl, 2014) Mary Halvorson Trio – Ghost Loop (For-tune, 2013) Erika Dagnino Quartet – Signs (SLAM, 2013) Satoko Fujii Orchestra New York – Shiki (Libra, 2014) Kris Davis – Massive Threads (Thirsty Ear, 2013) Bad Touch – Vol. 1: Like a Magic Kiss (self-released, 2008)

Winter Jazzfest 2014

Winter Jazzfest (Jan 7-11) has a promising list of performers this year (a full listing is available here). I have highlighted some of the most exciting bands below: January 10 (Friday): Judson Church (beginning at 6:15 pm) Mary Halvorson Septet Peter Brötzmann Trio with Jason Adasiewicz, Hamid Drake Improvised Round Robin Duets NYU Law School