Two New Releases by Catherine Sikora

Saxophonist Catherine Sikora has just released two new albums. See below for information on how to obtain them:

The first release, Arbour, is a recording of a concert Sikora played in Dublin last February with two great Irish improvisers, Colm O’Hara (trombone) and David Lacy (drums). It was a wonderful concert, with a very attentive audience, and has been released on an Irish cassette and download label, Fort Evil Fruit. Included with the download of the album are two bonus tracks from Sikora’s solo set earlier on the same evening.

The second release is the first record on which Sikora plays only the soprano saxophone; it is another trio session, featuring two frequent collaborators of hers, François Grillot (double bass) and Han-earl Park (guitar). This record, entitled Tracks in the Dirt, is available for download from Sikora’s Bandcamp page, and physical copies will be available soon.

Cisco BradleyTwo New Releases by Catherine Sikora

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