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Interview: Nicole Mitchell

Flutist, composer, and educator Nicole Mitchell is one of the foremost creative musicians of the twenty-first century. Most well-known as the bandleader of the Black Earth Ensemble, she has established herself on the cutting edge through a series of innovative and forward-looking records. Her latest release, Mandorla Awakening II, was released on May 5. In

Playlist for the Week of May 1, 2017

Giant Dwarf – Rabbitwood (Engine, 2012) Tashi Dorji & Tyler Damon – Live at the Spot +1 (Astral Spirits, 2016) Anemone: Peter Evans, John Butcher, Frederic Blondy, Clayton Thomas, Paul Lovens – A Wing Dissolved in Light (No Business, 2017) Paul Rutherford & Sabu Toyozumi – The Conscience (No Business, 2017) Jason Ajemian, Tony Malaby,

Announcing Fundamental Festival: The Intersection of New Music and Sound Art

When: May 19, 2017, 5-11:30 pm Where: Planeta, 295 East 8th St, NYC Featuring: Aki Onda Tyler Gilmore’s Western Verse Lea Bertucci Tatsuya Nakatani Tombstones by Michael Pisaro Earth Tongues A marathon evening presenting artists at the cutting edge of NYC’s live sound art community. The performers will present works tailored to Planeta’s unique space

Playlist for Week of April 24, 2017

Fay Victor Ensemble – Cartwheels through the Cosmos (Artist Share, 2006) Sam Weinberg, Charlie Kirchen, Julian Kirshner – Whip the Apron (2017) Tashi Dorji – Live at the Dreamland (Ultra Violet Light, n.d.) [cassette] New York Art Quartet – Call It Art, vol. 5 (Triple Point, 2013) [vinyl] Roswell Rudd – Inside Job (Freedom, 1978)

Playlist for the Week of April 17, 2017

Kesivan & the Lights – Brotherhood (Sony/ATV, 2016) Bonnie Kane-Chris Welcome Duo – Sonic Dream Worlds (Starry Night, 2011) Four Letter Words – Radio Silence (Amalgam, 2017) Bobby Previte – Mass (Rare Noise, 2016) Adam Rudolph’s Moving Pictures – Glare of the Tiger (Rare Noise, 2017) Reflections in Cosmo – self-titled (Rare Noise, 2017) New

Review: Daniel Sarid Trio – Loventuros

Daniel Sarid Trio – Loventuros (Out Now Recordings) Loventuruos is the latest offering from Israeli pianist/composer Daniel Sarid and his dynamic modern trio. Throughout the album Sarid, along with bassist Gilad Abro and drummer Ziv Ravitz maintain a delicate balancing act, reconciling seemingly contradictory musical forces. These compositions and performances are free and exploratory yet

Playlist for the Week of April 10, 2017

David S. Ware Quartet – Wisdom of Uncertainty (AUM Fidelity, 1997) David S. Ware Quartet – Oblations and Blessings (Silkheart, 1996) William Parker-Stefano Scodanibbio Bass Duo – self-titled (Centering, 2017) Jeremiah Cymerman’s Bloodmist – Sheen (5049 Records, 2016) Mazur/Neuringer Duo – The Krakow Letters (Fortune, 2014) Tashi Dorji – Collected Works (Marmara, 2016) Jaimie Branch

Review: Angela Morris’ Rallidae – Turned, And Was

Angela Morris’ Rallidae – Turned, And Was Rallidae is a Brooklyn based five-piece ensemble fronted by composer, vocalist and tenor saxophonist Angela Morris. Joining Morris is a crack lineup of players, including vocalist Alex Samaras, Dustin Carlson on guitar, drummer Nico Dann, and Scott Colberg on acoustic bass. Their latest album Turned, And Was finds

April Artist Feature: Chuck Bettis

Chuck Bettis was raised in fertile harDCore soil, nourished within Baltimore’s enigmatic avant-garde gatherings, and is currently blossoming in New York’s downtown musical tribe. His unique blend of electronics and throat has led him into various collaborations. He has performed live with John Zorn, Fred Frith, Jamie Saft, and Afrirampo to name a few. Some

Review: Nicole Mitchell’s Maroon Cloud, Live at National Sawdust, March 29

No matter how many times flutist, composer, and educator Nicole Mitchell plays in New York, it is never enough. As one of the foremost visionaries of creative music today, Prof. Mitchell has already crafted an incredible body of work and received considerable praise. Her work is at once deeply developed, interdisciplinary, and socially relevant, while