Best Live Concerts of 2015

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  1. Thomas Borgmann Trio with Max Johnson, Willi Kellers (New York Tenor Saxophone Festival) – Ibeam, January 31
  2. Ches Smith/Craig Taborn/Mat Maneri – New Revolution Arts, January 16
  3. Nate Wooley Solo (For Kenneth Gaburo) – Wild Project, January 19
  4. William Hooker Trio with James Brandon Lewis, Adam Lane, and guest Jinah Parker – Firehouse Space, October 3
  5. VAX: Patrick Breiner, Liz Kosack, Devin Gray – New Revolution Arts, February 27
  6. Tanya Kalmanovitch-Mat Maneri Duo – JACK, July 26
  7. Tomas Fujiwara & the Hook Up with Jonathan Finlayson, Brian Settles, Mary Halvorson, Michael Formanek – Cornelia Street Cafe, April 18 (review)
  8. Secret Keeper: Mary Halvorson, Stephan Crump – Cornelia Street Cafe, April 17 (review)
  9. Shayna Dulberger Solo – Kings County Saloon, June 3
  10. Undermine Trio: Chris Pitsiokos, Brandon Lopez, Tyshawn Sorey – JACK, July 20

Cisco BradleyBest Live Concerts of 2015

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