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Feminist Jazz Review: Five Best Records of 2018

There honestly aren’t too many unique ways to say that the end of the year has dawned on us. For Feminist Jazz Review, this “End of the Year” list is cause for new beginnings. It’s also the perfect opportunity to look back and sum up the synthesis that I truly believe that women composers are

Most Popular Posts of 2018

Op-Ed: A Feminist Urge Is Driving the Shape of Jazz to Come, written by Hillary Donnell Solidarity with New York Musicians [Updated Post] Interview: Trumpeter Jacob Wick Artist Feature: Jessica Ackerley In Conversation with Scottie McNiece, Co-Founder of International Anthem Recording Co., written by Jordannah Elizabeth Interview: Sam Weinberg Artist Feature: Samantha Riott Artist Feature:

Best Records of 2018

Luke Stewart – Works for Upright Bass and Amplifier (Astral Spirits) Stephanie Richards – Fullmoon (Relative Pitch) Mary Halvorson – Code Girl (Firehouse 12) Weasel Walter – Skhiizm (ugEXPLODE) Sarah Bernstein’s Unearthish – Crazy Lights Shining (Phase Frame Music) Jeremiah Cymerman – Decay of the Angel (5049) Fay Victor’s SoundNoiseFUNK – Wet Robots (ESP-Disk’) Andrew Barker

Best Live Concerts of 2018

(Chronological Order) VAX: Patrick Breiner, Liz Kosack, Devin Gray – Brooklyn Conservatory, January 21 Mary Halvorson Trio – The Stone, February 2 Patrick Shiroishi Nonet – Ham & Eggs (Los Angeles), March 12 Don Dietrich & Camille Dietrich – JACK, April 13 Viv Corringham & Nicola Hein – Outskirts, May 6 Anais Maviel & Luke

Most Popular Posts of 2017

As selected by our readers, our most popular posts of 2017 were: Op-Ed: Saxophonist Sarah Manning on #metoo and Sexism in Jazz Artist Feature: Michael Foster Artist Feature: Weasel Walter Artist Feature: Daniel Levin Review: Moor Mother – Fetish Bones Artist Feature: Richard Kamerman Discusses Upcoming 17-hour Performance, June 17 Artist Feature: Luke Stewart New

Best Records of 2017

Nicole Mitchell – Mandorla Awakening II: Emerging Worlds (FPE Records) Irreversible Entanglements – self-titled (International Anthem/Don Giovanni) Tomas Fujiwara Double Trio – Triple Double (Firehouse 12) James Brandon Lewis Trio – No Filter (BNS Sessions) Rempis Percussion Quartet – Cochonnerie (Aerophonic) Brandon Lopez’s The Mess – Holy, Holy (Tombed Visions) Han-earl Park – Sirene 1009

Top 10 Posts of 2016

Our readership increased by 103% in 2016. We reviewed many records and live concerts and published monthly features on key artists working the New York scene. Here is a list of our top 10 most-popular posts from 2016: July Artist Feature: Moor Mother Review: Brandon Lopez Debuts New Trio at the Owl, Nov 17, 2016

Best Live Concerts of 2016

Editor’s Picks (chronological order) Matana Roberts, Fay Victor, Liberty Ellman, Shayna Dulberger, Qasim Naqvi – The Stone, January 15 review Craig Taborn-Mette Rasmussen-Ches Smith – The Stone, January 27 review Farmers by Nature: Craig Taborn, William Parker, Gerald Cleaver – The Stone, January 30 review Heart of the Ghost: Luke Stewart, Jarrett Gilgore, Ian McColm

Best Records of 2016

Moor Mother – Fetish Bones (Don Giovanni) review | interview Anthony Braxton – 3 Compositions (EEMHM) 2011 (Firehouse 12) Ches Smith-Craig Taborn-Mat Maneri – Bells (ECM) Taylor Ho Bynum – Enter the PlusTet (Firehouse 12) Anais Maviel – Houle (Gold Bolus) review Tom Rainey Trio – Hotel Grief (Intakt) interview Rafal Mazur-Keir Neuringer Duo – Diachronic Paths (Relative

Best Live Concerts of 2015

Thomas Borgmann Trio with Max Johnson, Willi Kellers (New York Tenor Saxophone Festival) – Ibeam, January 31 Ches Smith/Craig Taborn/Mat Maneri – New Revolution Arts, January 16 Nate Wooley Solo (For Kenneth Gaburo) – Wild Project, January 19 William Hooker Trio with James Brandon Lewis, Adam Lane, and guest Jinah Parker – Firehouse Space, October