On Patricia Nicholson

Editorial based on interviews written and conducted by Eline Marx Patricia Nicholson is an artist and the founder and director of the free jazz organization Arts for Art (AFA). In 2016, I was interning at Arts for Art and taking one-on-one dance classes with Patricia when William Parker suggested I interview her in the perspective

Gentrification and Art Space: The Case of Silent Barn

Guest Writer: Adin Rimland Gentrification is described as a replacement of lower-income populations and businesses in a specific neighborhood by more affluent ones. Gentrification actually goes beyond displacement and includes the replacement and exclusion of certain populations and businesses from a neighborhood. In this article, I want to touch on the elements that create a space which allows

Op-Ed: A Feminist Urge Is Driving the Shape of Jazz to Come

Written By Hillary Donnell There is something about jazz that embodies the vanguard of a revolution that has yet to come. “The music itself is about manifesting the unknown,” said Esperanza Spading at a panel on Gender and Jazz held at the New School as a part of Winter Jazz Fest held in New York

Op-Ed: Saxophonist Sarah Manning on #metoo and Sexism in Jazz

Written by Sarah Manning Thank you, Tarana Burke, for starting the Me Too movement. Yes, #MeToo. And the parallels between Hollywood and the music industry are clear. There was the bizarre guy who reached out and ran his thumb down the center of my face and over the bridge of my nose when I talked